[EBTV Series] Millionaire in a Month

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  1. Introducing Empire Brothers TV's first series! This YouTube series will focus around me setting my balance at zero rupees on a new account and earning my way back up to be a millionaire in a month or less! Check out the rest of the details below:

    • Must start with no rupees
    • No voting
    • No daily bonus
    • No donations
    • No real life monies
    1,000,000 Rupees by the end of December.

    Launch Date
    Recording will begin November 30th, and the first episode should be uploaded December 1st. If we can not push a video out (minimum 10 minutes) everyday, there will be at least 2 videos a week.

    We are still taking suggestions for videos of this series and other videos on our channel, let us know if you brainstorm anything up.

    Special Thanks
    Special thanks to Gap542 for suggesting the idea for the series on our announcement thread!
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  2. good luck

    ps. you could be a millionaire in a single day based on those rules if you had certain promos/rare items stashed away lol
  3. The idea is to start with nothing on a completely new account and build it up, no added promos, no items for other accounts.
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  4. The goal can easily be reached by buying vouchers with real life money and selling them in-game, which would defeat the purpose of the challenge. If I were you, I'd make that against the rules. :)
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  5. If you're going to pare down the rules to the point where the only thing you can earn rupees from is selling items obtained in the game, either from mining/crafting them or buying them and reselling them then if you can make a million rupees in a month then kudos to you. I doubt it's possible without cheating.
  6. This is fairly easy to sabotage, also.
    *Evil grin*

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  7. kewl. Oboy. Are you gonna purchase rupees using irl moneys?
  8. Fixed.

    Vote for the account if you want, I'll just /rpay the rupees to my main :rolleyes:
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  9. I'm assuming it is going to be a secret thing, like you're not going to tell us the username of the account?

    If I were you I'd just secretly record for the month because people may try to rip you off knowing that you have so much money
  10. Interesting!
    I'll be looking forward to it!
  11. Are you allowing yourself to take jobs?
    What if I ask you to dig one layer of dirt of my residence for 600k?
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  12. Lol I'd dig out your whole res if you were paying that!! :p
  13. I can't anymore anyway, I spend it on 8 sets of 100k member items :p:oops: