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Discussion in 'Auctions' started by Krysyy, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Maybe a rule should be that you can't outbid yourself and that'll solve this timer problem.
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  2. What harm does this do?

    If people would like to pay more for something, even if it is silly, why not-- This is how the real world works. It also stimulates the economy too.
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  3. It's not always a win-win, though as a player I wouldn't expect you to fully understand something like this since you don't deal with the backstage section of it.

    As for your suggestion thread coming soon, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    No and no.

    Case and point: Player A holds an auction with a timer of 48 hours after last valid bid and a min increment of 100r (very common setup). Player B bids 46,500 at last bid. No one responds after, but at hour 47 player B overbids themselves to hit 46,600. Why should that timer be reset? Why is that player overbidding themselves in the first place and wanting that timer to extend? Are they delaying it because they are short of the funds? What good reason is there to delay it?
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  4. My Case and point is as valid as yours, but perhaps from a different viewpoint. Why should that time not be reset? What harm does this do? If someone was to be bidding on an auction without sufficient funds, they most definitely in this case could continue to outbid themselves, but essentially it would just benefit the auction holder.

    I am not stating I would for any reason outbid myself lol, but there's no reason, in my opinion, why you cannot outbid yourself on EMC, if you can do it in rl auctions.
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  5. Define benefit in the case of the auction holder. They set the auction end time on purpose. If they wanted it to end 2 weeks after the last valid bid, then they may do so. If they choose 48 hours, they want an active auction that pays out relatively soon. What you suggest would give a player the ability to extend an auction for as long as they had increased funds. Between log-in bonus and vote bonus, it could go on indefinitely with no payout to the auction host. I know at least 2 players who would do this just to say they did.

    Edit: I completely support the ability to outbid yourself. I do NOT support the condition that the bid would reset the timer.
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  6. Maybe no harm is done but why in the world would anyone do this lol I've never once thought to myself 'Hrmm I'm not paying enough for these items I'm about to win, I'll pay more and wait longer.' :D
  7. I have in the past when I was active in the economy as a player. In the very limited case that I wasn't able to be online at the time an auction was set to end and I wanted to deter people from bidding against me. I raised a bid over myself since I was the highest bid, but wanted to basically intimidate others who thought to bid against me. That's why I understand that some people want this ability, and I support that. It just doesn't reset the timer.
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  8. I used to believe it was fair, until I saw it this way: the example krysyy describes, the bidder is basically imprisoning the host to participate with more auctions just because a bidder is delaying. It is common sense that this imprisonment should not br allowed.
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  9. Alright, I do believe it should reset the timer, but only in very limited situations-- So I guess its whatever lol

    As for outbidding yourself, that should continue to be completely acceptable as a perfect example is what Krysyy stated above.
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  10. Huh? You could make an auction last infinitely like that, making yourself not have to pay for it, and the host not able to start another auction.
  11. Why would someone want auction to last infinitely? I saw it as a possible chance for bidders to be able to assist the host of the auction to get more attention to the auction... then again that's not their job. lol yolo
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  12. You didn't participate in the Hamster's magnificent limited rupee auction that was specifically created in order to force staff to make a rule on not allowing maximum bid increments did you? Some players do things just to say they did.
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  13. I did bid in the auction... Not sure why its referenced? Is there a back story on that auction?:confused:
  14. Hamster didn't like that we allowed maximum bids. He made an auction be so outrageously annoying that it forced us to make a rule. He's quite proud of it to this day.
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  15. Oh. I thought you were referring to the recent stream fundraising one. oops :p
  16. To be fair that was a great auction.

    I mean it wasn't great for the recently active threads box. But it was great.
  17. If you bid more than you can pay, for instance. But I suppose this could still be done, if you work together with another person. It doesn't seem like too good of an idea anyway, as it would be hard to keep it up consistently, and if one of you ever misses a bid (or if your own bids would reset the time, if you yourself ever miss a bid), you would have to pay a lot.
    Besides, you aren't allowed to bid more than you have in rupees, right? So there'd be a cap anyway.
    So yeah, I think my concern might not be the most concerning. ;)
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  18. Alright, I'm intrigued. Can you send the link?
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