Emmareld69 - A New EMC Based Series written by jhall10

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  1. (I think this would be the correct place for this thread, but please move it if it is not.)

    I am going to start a new EMC based book series about a new user named Emmareld69, (I purchased this account for the book, so you will see this user in EMC :D). The first book, Part1, will be free for anyone who asks me.

    The second book will be given on a donation basis: meaning, whatever you want to give, whether it be 1 dirt block, 1 rupee, or 1 million rupees (I can dream, can't I?), I will give you Part2.

    Every book thereafter will be purchased at a set price, and sold in my store. I have not chosen a price for these yet, but they will be affordable for anyone to buy them, I will make sure of that.

    However, there will be only a set number of these books made. Part 1 and 2 will be limited to 32, but every book after there will only be 16 made. (Not including my own copy)

    Hopefully everyone will come to enjoy this new series, since it is about the Minecraft server we all love most: EMC!
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  2. Books Currently Released

    • Emmareld69 Part1 --- Released, only can get books from other current owners
    • Emmareld69 Part2 --- Released, 23 books left
    • Emmareld69 Part3 --- Release date unknown
  3. This post is now going to be used for updates on the Hogwarts build! As I mentioned in a post below, all the profit made from the Emmareld69 series will be used to support the build of Hogwarts on 6 reses I have set aside on SMP7!

    Thank you all for your support! :D

  4. I like the book so far, by the way. :)
  5. Thx Ultimaxx :D
  6. I would like to have a book
  7. Cool! I'd like one!
  8. Bump! (BTW, I mailed both of you your book :D)
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  9. Bumping to take a look at the new EMC-based Series!
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  10. I'd like to have part 1, I'll pay you later for part 2 when it comes out. :)
  11. I'd like Part1 as well. I'll try to get all the parts. :D
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  12. Books have been sent to you both, and the number of books left has been updated :D
    Get Part1 now while there are still some left!
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  13. I WANT ONE

  14. Bump! You have been sent a book atwoodjer.
    I am nearing completion of Part2, but I want to wait until the rest of the Part1 books are gone! Tell your friends and talk about the book! The sooner I run out of Part1 books, the sooner Part2 will be released!
  15. I'll take one! :D
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  16. You should do subscriptions. Can i have part 1
  17. Bump! Both of you have been mailed your books, sorry it took me so long.
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