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  1. Krys made it into the top 50 in the costume contest at Minecon 2013!!!
  2. pics or it didnt happen
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  4. Awesome!
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  6. :D top three coming up……..
  7. Krysyy tied for first!
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  8. Krysyy won!!!
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  9. That makes EMC proud.
    One from our own little admin team, on stage on a MineCon event, and winning.
    "EMERGERD" that's awesome

    Grats to you Krystal/krysyyjane9191
  10. She won!
  11. For anyone interested in seeing the staff's reaction:

    (9:11:21 PM) JackBiggin: "About" to announce results
    (9:11:36 PM) JackBiggin: oooh... result time
    (9:13:38 PM) JackBiggin: OMG
    (9:13:41 PM) chickeneer: I WHOOO
    (9:13:43 PM) chickeneer: Krystall
    (9:13:45 PM) JackBiggin: YAAAAYYYYY
    (9:13:47 PM) chickeneer: the red dragon
    (9:13:49 PM) JackBiggin: GRATZ KRSYY
    (9:14:10 PM) chickeneer: That is so exciting
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  12. This is great!
  13. Oh, hope none of our EMC members were talking in the Twitch chat …… it was… interesting
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  14. I promise you, YouTube's is worse.
  15. She looked smokin' omg ; - ;
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  16. Let's just say Twitch doesn't judge you on
    Can't say this without it being weird, yeah Twitch was interesting today :p
  17. If aliens come to this planet looking for signs of intelligent lifeforms, please, don't let them look in the YouTube comment section...
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  18. Well looks like we are going to get a ton of new players. Congrats Krysyy.