EMC's new super-realistic Horse Racetrack; Grand Opening!

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  1. Hey EMC! Rach here, bringing you awesome horse-type things as usual. :p

    This time it's the grand opening of my all-new racetrack!

    As requested, you can take a peek here: http://imgur.com/a/NdUKo

    To celebrate this event, I'll be hosting a drop party at the racetrack before the grand-opening race! I'll be dropping lots of gold, horses (including several 120+ speeds), diamonds, emeralds, and more! Hope to see all of you there today at 2 pm PST!

    I'll be hosting three races total if there is enough interest.

    All races that are hosted by me will have custom prizes. The first race will have custom prizes, such as high-speed custom-named horses, as well as 3 diamond blocks for first place, 2 for second, and 1 for third.

    The second and third races will come with the usual custom trophies, as well as 3 gold blocks for the winner, 2 for second, and 1 for third.

    If you aren't racing, don't worry, there's prizes for spectators too!

    Please reply in the comments if you'd like to participate in the races: I'll keep the list updated as much as i can! There is an entry fee of 1 gold block to enter into the racetrack, but once you're there, you're welcome to stay as long as you like! Also, if you'd like to sneak in or go half-n-half with a friend, the gate stays open for about 5 seconds once the payment is received, so get ready to run. ;)

    If you'd like to take a peek pre-race, just type /server utopia, then /v 5011! :)
    Also, to all non-supporters: You don't have to be a supporter to go to town on utopia, just the wild/waste; so don't worry about not being able to come!

    The first race is now full; however you can still sign up for the second race; and if anyone doesn't show up you'll be automatically bumped up to the next slot!

    First Race:

    1. MasterEAB
    2. Marshmallow369
    3. _RedSpectre_
    4. toby316625
    5. golddigger221
    6. TheVividYoshi
    7. generalfelino015
    8. jrescig
    9. Kyle12cu1

    Second Race:

    1. Jake81201
    2. Seanawesome14
    3. cooljulian2003
    4. Andrewmoose
    5. Blackknight1021
    6. Serenaaxae
    7. AlarmGoesBeep
    8. MrsWishes
    9. DeathKnight201
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  2. I'd like to enter, what time is the drop party and race?
  3. Master, I'll announce the time first thing tomorrow morning ^^ For now i'll put ya on the list, once i announce the time lemme know if you can't make it.
  4. Can I get in pls
  5. Sure thing, red ^^
  6. sign me up!

  7. I want to be in! This sounds awesome, too bad my horse probably won't win :p
  8. I want to get in plz :D.
  9. Enter me in!
  10. Nice looking track, i love the good choice of race music too, nice touch. :D
  11. Hehe thank you, it's not a racetrack w/o a reville ^^
  12. All right, kyle's been added to the roster, and that fills up the first race! Don't let this discourage you from signing up, though; I'll still run 2 more races with awesome prizes after the first race, and if anyone on the first list doesn't show you'll be bumped up to the first race instead. ^^
  13. What a wonderful idea! I will enjoy watching the races.

    Can u open the admission gates so we can look around today before the race starts? I went for a look but the gate is closed.

    Thanks for hosting this event.
  14. Add me in for the 2nd race!
  15. If I did that, everyone would just rush in w/o paying and wait for the race. Don't worry, though, it'll be REALLY easy to get your gold block back, considering one: How many I'm throwing out at the drop party, and two, the fact that you can win gold blocks for winning the race. (Also there's one more special payout for spectators, but I'll go further into that before the race. Spoilers!)