EMC's 1000th Day!

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Will you participate?

Of Course! 21 vote(s) 56.8%
Maybe... 7 vote(s) 18.9%
Na... 3 vote(s) 8.1%
No 6 vote(s) 16.2%
  1. JustinGuy was EMC's original founder. When I did /p JustinGuy , I noticed it is almost his 1000th day. This is the closest I think we will get to knowing the true 1000th day of EMC. The day is Wednesday, June 11th (at least in the us, not sure of other places).

    To Celebrate, I think everyone should where the skin, or a very similar skin, of their favorite EMC Staff member to show their appreciation to how well the staff have been managing EMC.
    Help Spread the Word Guys!

    Other Things:
    ~I will try and host a drop party that day also
    ~If you need help getting a staff members skin, start a private conversation with me.
  2. I am happy to celebrate.
    for skins its easy to get them just go to http://mcskinsearch.com/ and type the username.

    Don't forget to remind me like a week before so I can prepare
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  3. sounds great :) count me in!
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  4. Im do ing NZScruffy
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  5. What about ex-staff?
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  6. I dont see why not, newer players may be confused, but you can do whatever. Just thought it would be a cool way to celebrate the 1000th day of my favorite server :D.

    Glad to see people checking this out. Wasn't sure at first if this would become noticed really.
  7. Confusing new players is my favorite pastime
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  8. It actually took a couple of days for /p to be added, so it is slightly earlier.
  9. Ik, in the original post I have said "This is the closest I think we will get to knowing the true 1000th day of EMC."
  10. can i wear my own skin?
  11. *doesn't have the heart to tell you that EMC is already past 1k days*
    it was april 20th
  12. How do you download from mcskinseach?
  13. But i want NZScruffy but i dont have his skin
    EDIT: i also clicked download
  14. Sure... I don't think anyone will have a problem with that. I suppose it would just be a normal day though.
    Thanks for letting me know, but who cares... Doesn't mean we cant celebrate and where staff skins.
  15. Did you go to minecraft.net and upload it where you change your skin?
  16. current pastime?
  17. I think that 100 people are going to do IcecreamCow <3
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  18. Whoa. Wait a minute. This deserves a huge party on a utopian res with many staff involved and a huge promo! :D