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  1. Hi gang,

    And so, while the mysterious book of appreciation and dedication was being written, a hypered up girl stood up and wondered... She approached the one overseeing the books creation and spoke her mind: "Are you sure that one book is enough to contain the appreciation which the people have for the Creators?", she asked: "Isn't there more which we could do with this appreciative movement?".

    The writer looked up from his work and the two started to talk things over. New ideas were discussed, new plans made and the two quickly decided that yes... We could use a little more.

    We should raise a monument! A monument dedicated to the Creators of the Empire, as the communities way to say "Thank you" for all the work they done, and also "Thank you" for all their efforts into getting us to the new age of 1.8.

    So it shall be written... So it shall be done!

    Ok, ok, sorry gang ;) I'm a little hyped up right now and I think you would be too after talking things over with Dramanya like I just did! Lets just say that I got a very good idea why she became the staff's event organizazer. I think Krysyy couldn't have picked a better one. Even this evening when we talked things over; hardly did I finish to offer her some materials, only to be answered that she was already well on her way with the preparations for the 3rd stage of this #emcdevappreciation event.

    Build competition!

    In case you missed it: We (community) had a poll to decide which new feature (added in 2015) would be our favorite. The result: The upgrade to Minecraft 1.8. I also held an event to determine the name of the book I'm going to make in which we can all share some words of appreciation for the developers. The result / winner: "Don't hate; appreciate!" by Pterojackdyl.

    And now for the final event...

    Build a structure which can show our appreciation for the developers

    The winner will see his build placed on Dramanya's spawn residence on SMP6 (12008) for the whole community to admire. You can't miss this residence: Just go to /smp6, go to /spawn if you're not already there and walk straight forward.

    Where do we build?

    Building is done on your own residence, or pretty much any place you'd like (though I'd advice against using the Waste since that can be reset at any time). If you have an area in the Frontier then that's no problem either as long as it's not too far out. I don't care if I need to travel 10 minutes to get there but I don't know about my upcoming fellow judges.


    My suggestion is to try and work within an area of approx. 40 x 40 x 40. These are not hard limits; basically the whole area is 60 x 60 (with limited height), but if you set your maximum size a little lower then you'll also have some threshold in case things do get a bit larger. The absolute maximum size would be 60 x 60 with a height of 55.

    Here is an overview:

    Here's an impression of the space where the build is going to be placed.

    Keep in mind: the place looks very dark right now but don't let that fool you! There's going to be plenty of changes there, amongst which a good solid staircase leading down. This is just to give you a rough impression on how big your build can be.


    The main prize will be to see your build appear on Dramanya's spawn residence. BUT... More prizes will be added along the way. And I'm also open to donations if people would like to :)


    I'm going to do the same thing which I did in the naming event: I'm going to contact some of the community team members to ask them if they'd like to help me with the judging. I'll be especially keeping an eye open for Build team members ;) And of course, although she doesn't know it yet, I'm also going to ask Dramanya to join the judges because well... it is her residence afterall. Seems only fair to me.

    Time of event?

    I'm thinking 6 - 7 weeks. I hope that should be enough for everyone to discover this event and come up with an entry.

    Summing up

    And there you have it. Build something to show our appreciation for the developers, and you have a chance of your build being placed on Dramanya's spawn residence for all of us to see.

    Good luck to all of you, here's hoping that we'll attract some contestants!

    PS: I'd appreciate a heads up (message in the thread) if you plan to participate.
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  2. First and sounds cool may have to try this?
  3. And a little bump because I messed up the URL in my announcement :)
  4. Wait what? Are we building on Dramanya's res? Then why isn't she posting this lol. :p

    Why cant this be on your res? :/
  5. No, we're not building there. The idea is to build something yourself on your own res. or that of a friend or... Then the entries will be judged and the winner will get his entry copied / moved onto Dramanya's res.

    Edit: Still, thinking that part over again. If that does cause issues for some people then I might be able to help out by providing my Utopian residence as building grounds.
  6. Oh ok. :) Does this have to be in town? My res is full right now, and its based off of a theme. Can it be in the wild?
  7. I don't see much of a problem with that, as long as it isn't too far out (read: having to travel 10 minutes to reach the area). Do keep protection in mind; building in the wild could pose a risk.
  8. This is not a bump but merely a reminder to tell everyone that I updated the OP (opening post) with information on where to build. Basically the things which also got asked in the thread.
  9. And time for another bump :)
  10. This sounds cool! I think I might participate. ;)
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  11. I think this is so awesome!!! Thank you Shel!!! =D If i was any type of good builder I'd be all over this but alas.. I am an appreciator of nice work. =]
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  12. Can I participate?
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  13. BUMP

    yes, a bump.. lets try to reboot this thing, I am not willing to give up that easily. Will fix time stamps and all that later this evening. And more spam to come your way soon also :)
  14. Ha ha ha, I know that feeling all too well ;)

    Sure thing, but just keep in mind that I'm still trying to get more players involved. If that doesn't work then I might need to postpone or cancel this.

    But you're more than welcome to join in.