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Do you like the idea?

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  1. EMC_Head
    Want a head that changes
    to every festival?
    If so I am selling heads
    that automatically change to the
    festival/season we are in.
    All of my heads are mostly Minecraft/Minecraft
    themed. This month I am
    selling the Halloween Edition.
    Every month the skin changes to
    the festival/season we are in.

    EMC_Head (Halloween Edition)
    In Stock: 2
    Price: 1ok per

    If you want one comment in this thread.
  2. I will buy some in the future!:)
  3. What if I find the skin and take it and make my own?
  4. You could do that but you wont get the monthly updates. (You could find the monthly skins but many times I will mostly make the skins.)
  5. this is a good idea but I don't have 10k ;-;
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  6. Thanks, Some day you will have 10k.
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  7. I would like to buy one too
  8. If so, Do you have 10k?
  9. When do I pay?
  10. After payment received the head will be mailed.
  11. Are you under the impression that you are able to predict or control the appearance of heads? lol
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  12. Why did you say 10k here but the original post says 15k now? :p Raised price?
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  13. Payed for one
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  14. Yes :p (I wish there would be a series called FDNY21 the new Sherlock Holmes?)
  15. I am not seeing the transaction.
  16. I payed to EMC_Head
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  17. We all wish :rolleyes: Might want to state to those who wanted them if they have to pay the old price or new price though (those who expressed interest before price change) :)
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  18. Still not getting it, Sorry

    I will everyone who asked for a head after the change will get the not changed price and everyone after the change will pay the normal price.
  19. You could do that, but then you'd need an alt or change your own skin.
    Are you sure? Have you checked your rupee history? You could ask staff to confirm.