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  1. So recently, I changed my status to :

    So after that, alot of people started messaging me really comforting advice and stories, and that's really helping. I've been going through alot of stuff, and EMC is what I think of all day. EMC has the nicest community i've ever seen, Everyone is incredibly nice to each other. I'm sure there are many other people who feel the same, I'd just like to quickly thank these people who've stuck by me since I joined EMC and helped me to where I am now, the nicest people I know on EMC. (Not in order, I have no favourites)
    • ChrisFlareon
    • meerkatman1
    • Ocelotawesome
    • tinykate1
    • Ghost_Girl_eye (Friend IRL)
    • Springaling
    • Frostbrewed
    • ClareMuss
    • Seffychan
    And many more...
    Thanks to everyone on emc =)
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  2. We're always here for you! :)
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  3. If you feel like that at any time, Feel free to talk to me ;)
  4. I'm glad to read this! :)
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  5. Mailing a stone slab now :)
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