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Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by emiyl_, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. All right. Thanks for bad comments.
    If anyone else would like to host the
    parody they're welcome to do so
    I'll just give the lyrics when I've
    put them in the right format of
    gangnam style and maybe
    someone else can do it instead

    After all i am a rubbish parody
    hoster... as you think
  2. Well, the first thread was just useless you spammed it more than gave information. Then you haven't informed anyone of anything and what we can tell its just game footage which isn't enough for modern parodies
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  3. Nothing. Never saw a video. It seems like you just took materials and did nothing. Took a res and did nothing. If your going to do it, make it good. Make it look professional.
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  4. What did I miss?
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  5. Wow, guys. let up on him! he's just asking for your opinion
  6. Yeah and out opinion is that it wasn't working
  7. I gave him my opinion. Am I supposed to lie about it and say its wonderful?
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  8. You need organization. You need to go about it professionally. You need a reliable following. You need to be a reliable leader. You have none of that.
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  9. blehhhhhhhhhhhofi.PNG
    And then there is this. YOU need to take initiative for your project, you cant just sit around and wait.
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  10. I guess i won't be doing emc style
  11. Guys, I am not trying to get involved, all I'm going to say right now is that if he wants to do something, you can't be rude about it! You wouldn't like it would you? Anyway, coco! Still do it! It would be amazing!!!
  12. I offered my help on the original thread.
    I think that you were more interested in the position that you were in, as I hinted at in the post. A successful project requires leadership, organisation and planning, which others have previously said.

    Creating this thread was/is only going to generate more criticism or "bad comments" buddy.
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  13. Like I said earlier... doing this can be a problem if it isn't amazing. Plus posting it on YouTube could get a lot of criticism. There a place where if you get an idea inspired by another person's idea then the will simply spam the comments saying "OMGZ COPY COPY ducjnrehdceOMGZZXZ STOP COPYINGAZZ CPTIZNESPARKLZ OMG!". Since CaptainSparklez made Minecraft style many people might shout copycat at you so I suggest you tr to say its inspired by and also we do need more than game footage to do a parody unless we can do it like "Like a Blawk".
  14. He said he wouldn't do it... I think that you should just let off him for once. /lock
  15. At least get an intro done...
  16. I have the lyrics, I'm doing emc style, and i have the time and blocks

    but i haven't got people
  17. Well some people might not want to do it because of the fact is at the moment its sorta of a wildcard thing. Nobody seems to be getting any reward like rupees or rare items so they feel that they might be either hurting or helping the server without any form of compensation. Plus you can't just do the video with out some form of animation or movement plugin for dancing.
  18. It doesn't even have to be done on EMC, just download parts of the world or something.
  19. I'm not trying to be negative but it might come to the conclusion where doing EMC style just isn't possible because of plugin limitations,compensating the people in the video for their time and effort,video quality,the actual chance of this positively affecting the image of EMC instead of negatively affecting its image because of it being posted on YouTube where inspired content is despised and frowned upon by others plus many other reasons.
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