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  1. Hello everyone!

    On Smp7 we've been making up a minecraft parody to get other people to join EMC and for
    We can also sell the song on Itunes so that means more money for the Empire and that means
    better Empire

    so anyone who wants to join together with EMPIRE MINECRAFT STYLE can just ask to

    Cocopop99 _______
    ____ ____ |\ /| |
    /\ | | |____ | \ / | |
    / _ | | | | \/ | |
    \_/ |___| |_____ | | |______

    Any questions?
    Ask the threads staff

    Threads Staff:
    Cocopop99 (Head)
    BaneIsAwsome (UnKnown Rank)
    supergirl621 (Executive Producer)
    HAGANJ97 (UnKnown Rank

    I (Cocopop99) came up with the idea,
    so most of the question i will be able to answer.
    The rest are the people who helped me make the thread and will help with empire minecraft
    style and i hope many more do!


    We have some lyrics!

    I've had two suppliers so far

    5weety ( yellow and black wool and torches )
    cocoa1324 ( utopia res :) )

    ifyou saw the other two suppliers before well i cant have 9008 anymore
    so ill have to get stuff off utopia

    we have a res at 5290 on utopia!

    Look at the pictures below

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  2. I think it's a good idea, but without some kind of smart movement mod, we'll just look like we're synchronizing steps, crouches and punches. But I guess we can get past that point and still make it look good. Also your going to need a res that has "Empire Minecraft" spelled on the ground. Then you'll need a lot of people to go on that res and dance. I'll join you, but the coordination for a project like this is going to be immense.
  3. Questions:

    1. The money will be used for what on EMC?
    2. Do you need an English translation, I can give you a copy?
  4. The money will be used to help the empire grow and attract more people to it.
  5. In what way?
  6. It costs alot of money to get a song on iTunes, Spotify or something else. The money will also go to you and not the Empire - and how will money make the Empire grow? This is a badly formed idea and just sounds like you want money.
  7. Let's skip iTunes and just put it on YouTube for fun.
  8. How will the money be used to attract people?
  9. i meant those as two different things lol
  10. yup it costs money maybe just youtube
    actually we can decide later......
  11. didnt realise it costed to put things on itunes :(
  12. i suppose so to get the res with emc in big letters someone could claim an unclaimed res and build it out of wool they've got then destroy it
  13. *Breaking news* You can now put more than one quote in a post.

    But anyway, who would be there to claim the extra res?
  14. i d
    I don't know... You?
  15. We'll sort this stuff out later
  16. Points for trying at least :rolleyes:
    Even though my extra res is sitting empty, I'm not just going to give it away.
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  17. you could just destroy it afterwards...
  18. plus you wouldnt be giving it away it'd still be yours
  19. In reply to the posted lyrics - I think you should avoid profanity. It would be your youtube video, and we can't stop you from putting what you want in it, but if it's representing EMC you should try to keep it clean.
    Edit: I just found out the original Gangnam Style video has over 1 BILLION views... :eek::eek::eek:
  20. Well if EMC had an account then they could post it up
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