EMC Staff- Summer/Spring Skin

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  1. First off this is suppose to be a joke, but staff if you would like to use the skin i made just contact me in game or on the site and ill get you the ink

    Okay so here we go, if i miss someone just tell me, there are a lot of staff now(still being updated):
    IceCreamCow, Aikar, Maxarias:



    ArtemisV, R0bbieJo, ISMOOCH:
  2. awesome job!
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  3. yours is gonna be tricky, but ill find a way :p
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  4. Ahh, in order for me to use mine, can you make it a bit more conservative please =)
  5. lol awesome :p
  6. changed it up
  7. :)
  8. This is now my skin for summer =)
  9. Great Job! If you could do mine please do so XD
  10. Where's Jeremy's bikini?
  11. LOL!
  12. i have a skin making service, if you would like a skin you can order from there... ill post a link
  13. Best.
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  14. I love chickeneer's muscles. :p
  15. Chicken Breasts? XD
  16. Bump ISMOOCH will be updated soon