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  1. I am ready for an 'official' test.... I have been working out a few things and would like to go LIVE right now - 22:30 27 April.


    Instructions for use:

    Windows Media Player:

    Click File>Open URL> Paste The Above Link


    Click the above the link> Click the Blue "Listen Button"> Open Downloaded file in iTunes

    VLC Player:

    Click the above the link> Click the Blue "Listen Button"> Open Downloaded file in VLC Player

    *If any instruction for another player is needed please post in this thread*

    I have 50 slots - lets try to get 10 at least....

    I'm currently hanging out on SMP1 - 103... see me there or add a request to this thread.

    *edited by iSmooch with clear(er) instruction of use*
  2. Ohhh i like this this hasent been done before that i know of........
  3. Sexy and i know it - lmafo
  4. Do my best pat :)

    Am testing - having a few issues... with my tracks... need to copy them to proper folders - the program i use is VERY smart - so if the track has issues it doesnt play it
  5. i have know idea how to play this :/
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  6. i just clicked the link and then downloaded something and clicked on it and it started playing.
  7. Exellent - it's not a perfect system... but that's why this is a test....

    PLease all comments concerns questions bring them here

    and thanx guys - really
  8. what it play in? because i have WMP and it doesnt play in that I know now xD
  9. indos media player do FILE open URL - then input the above
  10. i'm just playing it on itunes.
  11. "i dont know if you are even old enough to drink" xD
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  12. hehe guess you got it :0
  13. I hear Flo Rida -- am I doing this right?
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  14. Yes ma'am excellent
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  15. Mirror-Little Wayne?????Please:p
  16. Oooh, this looks interesting :)
  17. (eye-SMOOCH) ... jus sayin.
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  18. Yes, I'm listening :p
  19. im rollin bro.. funnest thing i have ever gotten to do at work :3
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