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  1. Hey People! RougeLoupes and I were on EMC, and he said, "we should make a book of all the EMC players quotes." So that's what I am asking you for. Give me your username & quote & I will add it to the BOOK OF QUOTES! I am giving credit to RougeLoupes for thinking of this (I know, he was kidding, but I'm one of those people that takes jokes seriously. sometimes.) Thanks! Add your name and quote ASAP!

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  2. THE DEADLINE IS STAR WARS DAY! (May 4th) :eek:
  3. Get Your Quote & Name READY!!!
  4. A grief reported if a griefer sorted
  5. SMP8 Thug Life:
    Smoke marriage every day.
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  6. I read that in Snoop Dog's voice.
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  7. I like trains
  8. I have a picture of mine. First quote of 2016.
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  9. "You're talking to Foxy, what did you expect something ? :p"
  10. Baa
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  11. What's up? The ceiling.
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  12. "It's nice to be nice. How can I help? ^_^ " -kytula
  13. "Whats a vault vulture?" -MrGraywolf, SMP8
  14. Finish what you start.

    *The book will be on the forum or in minecraft?
  15. Minecraft I think
  16. Sorry, we're out of lies- lottie1664
  17. The

    Book will be on both forums & Minecraft

    Guys, I have a quote: I Know You Are, But What Am I?
    Another One: When In Doubt, Roll In The Mud!

    Make A Beeline For The MUD PUDDLE

    sorry guys they keep on coming.

    is this A quote or what?
  18. Every thing is better when you add a little TNT
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    *Ahh the BB code struggle*
    Yes, it's a quote from me :confused:
  20. "Stone Slabs" - StoneSky