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  1. I had this idea when I saw the 'Empire good samaritan award' thread. At my school we do this thing called senior of the week. Each week a senior is nominated for this position of senior of the week. They get a special privilege of getting the best parking spot for the rest of the week. The students of the school send in nominations to a faculty member and then they announce the senior for that week. I would like to bring this idea to EMC. If someone does a random act of kindness or is always being kind in general, a player can send in a nomination to whoever is responsible for handling those and then they announce the player of the month (or week). This player could get a special 100+ rupees per day for a month or they could get 300+ rupees for a week per sign in or something along those lines that is deemed reasonable.

    There are some cons though. This could possibly turn into a 'popularity contest' but I don't think it would because you would have to give a reason for a nomination which would eliminate people just voting for who their friends are. Another con is who would cover these nominations and announce them? Who has the right to choose which nomination is best? With the moderators being so busy it might be difficult for one of them to monitor this. I just want to hear your thoughts on this and tell me if it is a good or bad idea and why. Please do not get angry about this or state your opinion in any way that could offend anyone. Hopefully something like this could be added for those kind people out there who don't acquire this 'EMC good samaritan award'.

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  2. So um. How do we enter...
  3. PROM!
    Oh my gosh
    My crown.
  4. you just do random acts of kindness around EMC and if a player notices you then they would send in a nomination for you and then you could be chosen.
  5. I think this has too much work to do every week or month. I like it just being a 1 time event.
  6. This is cool, but there can be some work done to make it even better :)
  7. My school does the Senior of the Week as well, how intriguing.
  8. Glad you like my idea. Let me know if you want help. I plan to do another one. There will be more spies and more spies and no deed will go unnoticed.
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  9. Ok so maybe we could take the EMC samaritan award and apply it every while or so. Also let me know if you need help with the next award.
  10. I do agree that there should be some work done to make it better. Thats where you come in. :)
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  11. The next award will have 2 million in prizes.
  12. O_O
    Dude. Even Faith wouldn't donate that much, try for half a mill. Then 750k :p
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  14. The Appreciation contest is pretty much EMC's semi-official Player of the Month (but not every month), however I'd still personally encourage anyone to start a contest of their own to reward even more good players. :)
  15. I am going to raise the money myself via auctions and maybe a few donations. I plan to have the next one in 2014 closer to the end of the year.