EMC needs PVP!

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Should EMC implement PVP?

Yes! 48 vote(s) 30.6%
Nope. 109 vote(s) 69.4%
  1. Please read the WHOLE post before casting/replying (I beg you.)

    After my break of EMC I have come to determine that EMC needs PVP. For all reasons that are almost obvious. Keep Empire citizens in the Empire, happy and interested. The server is closer to a laborious creative mode than 'survival'. Which has been fun, but can only hold my interest for so long.

    • EMC has multiple servers so having an additional server/servers could be one way.
    (I.E. = smp3.pvp.empireminecraft.com, etc.)

    • Have designated areas within EMC it self. (In town, another dimension, or a random location in the wilds)
    (/pvp, /hg, /joinhg1)

    They could have nothing going in or fixed items. (Possibly making enchanted stuff and potions more useful, creating more sales and a more useful market)

    I'd REALLY(personally) like to see a Hunger Games on EMC. It's a really popular pvp genre at the moment and one I enjoy. Whether hourly or when someone wins it cycles a new game. Maybe contain a 500 meter cube area (or several?)

    I'd be personally interested in designing said areas if its not some random location/other dimension.

    This event could even be automatically hosted hourly or at a few times during the day. There are a few options.

    Either way I'd like to get all my minecraft energy out on EMC, not another server. At the very least I believe it's worth considering.

    There are plenty of ways to go about this. You don't HAVE to PVP. This would be contained to those who would WANT to PVP and not leave the server for it.

    If no, and you want to reply, please explain why. Don't just respond "no", that's why I made a poll.
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  2. No, not really there will be never PvP in emc...
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  3. Don't just post no. Explain. : /

    It would be contained and have no general effect on the rest of the game. It would just be something for people to do when they don't feel like building.
  4. No. Justin already has his hands full with the servers right now, he would have to get more servers if he were to add pvp. It would have to have special plugins to prevent cheating, which would cause lag. People would get mad at each other frequently. A small area would mean small amounts of resources. If that area were to regenerate or pick a new seed often, it would cause lag. If we cpuld use the vault to get materials into the pvp part, it would be dominated by rich clans. Also they would have to male new rules, and that might confuse new players. It wouldnt be worth it.
  5. PvP is what ruins servers. Our server is amazing so let us keep it that way. If you would like to play on a PvP server, go ahead. 'nough said.
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  6. There's actually a ton of ways, even some in town. I wouldn't post them publicly if I were you.
  7. delete your post, we want NOBODY to know.....
  8. Well I didn't post what they were so it doesn't matter.
  9. you quoted on my post about the end.
    Just edit that post.
  10. Ah right. Gotchya.
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  11. So? There is nothing wrong with 'expanding the Empire'. He needs new servers anyway as open residences are few as is. From his current standpoint, that would not be an issue. All he'd need would be to recruit a couple new mods maybe a new admin.

    Not really. There are already anti-hack measures in place. Since this wouldn't isntantly become a PVP server per se, no one(or very few) is going to want to ruin their reputation and cast aside all there hard work for a small, lousy, risky, advantage.


    Probably not even noticeable, and if at all temporary.

    "They could have nothing going on or fixed items." You didn't read my post did you?

    People aren't that stupid. It would be just as easy a concept to grasp like all the other servers out there manage. Also, it would be CONTAINED. (Again you didn't read my post) Meaning any new rules implemented would only reflect within the designated PVP areas.

    It would draw in new players, keep the old ones in. Add more to do. Everyone wins.
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  12. No PvP, END OF STORY.
  13. Say no in the polls USE replies for EXPLANATION. READ the WHOLE post before throwing your opinion around.
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  14. im leaving this thread before i become angry.
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  15. No. Unrestrained poorly regulated modulation ruin servers. If things were that simple, than thats what would happen. You can stay in your clique and not be affected by the PVP. But to many others, myself, the mods/adminds and Justin- we doesnt want people to leave. And adding a new feature can only benefit.
  16. You should have never replied anyway. Cast your poll than leave if you don't have anything constructive to say.
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  17. I have one last thing to say, if you want PVP go on another server because this server will NEVER EVER have PVP. Its too awesome to have PVP.
  18. Again, you reply with 0 regard to the OP. Please leave.