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  1. OK... well we have EMC forums online, but what about on your Mobile device?

    well, it would be nice because you can chat with your EMC buds (shoutout to my friends <3)

    at... lets say the school cafeteria, you want to shoot a PM to kryssy about trains, but your school teacher wont let you go on the computer unless its homework purposes.


    its a great way to "multitask" (play on EMC and go on the forums) doesn't that sound amazing?

    and (this is a new command) if you do /forumlink you will have the abilaty to link your online account, with your mobile account, trippy eh...

    but wait, theres more...

    IF you link your account successfully, you will get a reward, 8 emeralds, and... a random armor-based enchanted book, any.

    well thats all i have...

    HOPES U SEE THIS <3 <3 <3

  2. Been suggested loads before, think I even suggested it myself at some point. Nice idea, but probably not happening.
    Can't remember the specifics on why though...
  3. Share > Add to home screen > EMC App! ☻
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  4. The emc website works alright-ish on mobile phones already so most of the things you described are already possible. I made an EMC mobile app a while ago for browsing the forums and released it but I haven't updated it since then and I think something broke. I looked at working on it previously but the Android design documentation was incredibly frustrating and I lost the key I had used to sign it.
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  5. So wait... i wasted 7 whole minutes typing this and it ALREADY exists!!!

    ; - ;
  6. This has been suggested before, and unofficial versions have been worked on for Android. (developing apps for Apple is a pain to get started with, so I don't think there are iOS versions)
    Aikar also worked on it himself a little while ago.
    I remember people complaining because they had to use the mobile site and couldn't turn it off.
    If you are using a phone and do not get the mobile version of the site, your screen resolution might be too big, as that's what it checks to see what version to use, to make sure tablets still get the desired desktop version.
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  7. You've put a lot of thought into this... you have the details down to what reward you'all get for linking your account.
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  8. hmm my original plan was a vault voucher and 1,500 ruppes...

    probs not a good idea :p
  9. Isn't this pretty much just an exact description of what happens when you access the site on a mobile browser?
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  10. The website works on my Android Phone perfect as is, and they even redesigned the layout a few months ago...

    If you are talking about an App, would not work too well... May i suggest an app like Minechat or one of the hundreds out there?

    It is too much work for EMC and even more as there are no App Devs on here...

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  11. Fixed that for you.
  12. -1. EMC forums are provided by a service called Xenforo, and for their website to be mobilized is their issue, not EMCs, but I would like to see it happen
  13. Ikr
  14. It is EMC's issue to make their website more compatible/turned into an app, not Xenforo's. This site would work a billion times better on mobile if EMC wasn't running on a five year old version of Xenforo, but that's not the case. :D
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  15. here lemme rephrase :D

    5 year old xenforo? :eek:

    this could be EMC's issue, but I doubt chicken or Aikar have the time or willpower to write an app fresh for the forums, without a lazy webpage-made-into-app sort of thing, like from early Android devices.
  16. Happy 5th b-day Xenforo :p :D

    (its not X's B-day lol)
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