EMC Militia! (2nd Thread)

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  1. Just an update from our original thread which can be found here. This thread has been made with the consent of Napoleon3665, the owner of the original thread.

    Welcome to the Official EMC Militia Thread! (v2)

    About us:
    The EMC Militia is a large sub-community based in SMP9. We are almost 70 members strong, and we are dedicated to provide a fun experience for our members. The EMC Militia often holds it's own events and contests, where members can win rupees! We have a large HQ on residence 18009, and we own 7 residences in that immediate area. As a sub-community, we offer support for one another, whether it's helping our members make some extra rupees, or giving advice for both in-game and IRL issues. Our official colour is green.

    Our ranking system is as follows:

    Senior Member
    Regular Member
    Recruits become Regular members 14 days after joining the Militia. Recruits get use perms to the HQ. The Regular Rank offeres the standard Miltia Experiance. Regulars get an office, use perms, and Mumble access. Senior Member is obtained by being a very active member of the Militia. Senior Members get Mumble Priority, Larger Offices, and access to our high-speed railway to our Wild City. Officers are usually veteran members, and are very active in recruiting new members. Officers get build and container perms at the HQ, as well as everything below ranks get. there is only one Sergeant, Marklea. He runs the behind-the-scenes of the Militia. The founder is napoleon3665, and he has ULTIMATE POWER! :p
    We also use a donor ranking system, which is very similar to EMC's supporter system. More information is available to members.

    Main Feautures of the EMC Militia:
    -24/7 Private Mumble Server
    -Sub-Community website w/ it's own forums
    -Wild City that features an Iron and XP farm
    - Large friendly group of players willing to help

    To join the EMC Militia, please submit an application form here. If you run into any problems, please contact Marklea or Napoleon3665 in-game, or send us a PM here.

    Future Plans:
    Right now we are working on expanding our Wild City, as well as constructing out Militia Mall, which is located on 18750. We have a large number of smaller projects we are also working on.

    Please contact Napoleon3665, or Markleal for any questions you may have regarding the EMC Militia. You can reach us either in-game or by sending us a PM here. You may also post questions in this thread. For members, please refer to our website's help forum for help if you can't reach any of us

    Please join, and remember the most important rule, have fun!

  2. 2nd Bump
  3. I would like to join. What is this about?
  4. All the information is in the ABout US section, but simply we are a large community who do projects together and help each other out :)
  5. I tried joining and was rejected, hmph!
  6. You can always re-apply after 1 week!
  7. Debating it.
  8. Bump :)
    Accepting ALL Applications this weekend!

    Edit: We have passed 70 members! Thanks to all who have joined! We are going full force on adding a bunch of cool stuff to the Militia! Stay Tuned :)
  9. I suppose I will join, seeing as I am part NR and we are friendly with you.
    EDIT: Nvm, can we just say I am "Foreign Specialist"?
  10. Theres no harm in joining! The application takes a few minutes then once we look it over you're in! :D
  11. The EMC Militia is proud to announce we are more than 80 members strong! A big thank you to everybody who has participated and joined the EMC Militia. We also have formed an alliance with the New Republic, which we hope will be very successful for both of us.
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  12. I'm sorry, but I don't like to give my age out on the internet. That is usually where I draw the line between public and private.
  13. A very respectable moral, and it is understood :)
  14. Currently at this time, EMC Militia will be in a "Hold" status.
    We are trying to reconfigure the group and get it in more order.
    Also we are going to start on construction of the HQ very soon and will need help with that.
    If you want to submit a design or idea, please message me with that.
    Also we will start doing more and more things as a group and will be collecting "dues".
    More details on that down the road.
    If you are a member and are second guessing if you want to be here or not, please message me.
    You can stay if you so desire and no one is forcing you to leave.
    Lastly, some people may be let go from the group to re-apply, we NEED active people here and that is very important to the structure of EMC Militia.
    If anyone has any question, please contact me on here, of EMC Forums or even in game.

    Thank you.
  15. If you want a mod would this be considered a group you couldn't be part of? It says something like that in the forums.
  16. Yes. Being apart of any group based on EMC is prohibited whilst being a moderator.
    HOWEVR, that's not to say, other places you can't be in a group. OBAM gaming is like this, but not completely based off of EMC, as they like to play different games to.
    But, due to this particular group, you can't be apart of if you are a moderator.
    (just a tip Olaf, play the game the way you want, if you do become a moderator, then you would have to quit the group.)
  17. To add to what Brick said, one doesn't prepare to become a moderator, you just be your usual self and if you are a good candidate to become a mod, they will likely approach you. You are probably active enough on the forums for them to know you exist, so just focus on having fun.
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