[EMC MILESTONE] 50,000 members!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TheTrufflehunter, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! Just here to point out that emc has officall hit 50,000 members. 50,087 from this post.
    Just so you all know, and so we can spam the cow's inbox with demands of free rupees and items ;)
    Discuss discuss discuss!

  2. Congratulations EMC :)
  3. Already had a thread on this earlier, but again, nice work EMC!
  4. Well, not to ruin the parade since it makes the parade bigger, but were actually at 61833.

    Not everyone who's played on EMC registered on forums (early days didnt require it).

    Someday well figure out a way to show this # publicly...
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  5. Someone literally told me 3.14 seconds ago. Ask the cow for some cake and balloons :p
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  6. Celebrate!
  7. Just edit it to say 60,000, I'm sure no one would notice :p

    Haha I wish that many people would vote xD
  8. lol We would smash ALL the other servers if EVERY member voted just once! :p

    Something you've gotta take into account though is quite a lot of players have registered and then left...
    Well anyways congrats EMC for reaching over 60'000 members! :D