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    So recently BeLugh and me came up with a new idea for a project to realize on SMP7. We thought it would be cool to create a project in which there are multiple levels with puzzles and mazes and parcours. We got the idea because before BeLugh and me started our shop together BeLugh already had a small maze, but we wanted something bigger. So we claimed a new residence and we gave the whole server build rights and container rights and everyone who wanted to help we supplied with Diamond shovels and we gave them 200R per hour. So we could dig out the whole residence. After 2 days of digging we were finally done, we had a 60x60 residence completely empty.

    We then immediately thought of an idea for the project, we wanted to use sandstone and build a pyramid on top of the levels. So we calculated how much sandstone we needed to realize this, the calculation gave us that we needed 130.000 pieces of sandstone. So we put up a chest for people to sell sandstone to us, but that did not really work out as the amount of sandstone we got through that was not enough, it was about 2000 pieces we got through that. But then we got into a chat with Leowaste and he was able to supply us with 110.000 sandstone, which was enough to realize our project. So we made a deal, paid him and we got the sandstone.

    That was about 2 weeks ago, when we got the sandstone we put the pyramid together and started working on the first levels. But as we progressed we found out that using only mazes would be no fun for the people who would use it. So we came up with other things to use as levels, like parcours and puzzles. But the realize most of these levels we needed to know more about redstone. Before we started with the maze we could just connect a lever to a door. But we went on experimenting with redstone and came up with some awesome ideas we put in the project.

    As you will go through all the levels you will see us evolving more and more not only in building style but also in redstone advancement and of course levels will get harder all the time.


    So last weekend we were finally done with the project, we completed all 30 levels. We only had to create a few things like a bonus level which you will see in the sky when you get to the project. And of course there were more things like testing all levels and creating the lobby etc. So we knew we had to do something special for this project, that’s how we came up with the idea to organise an opening event, the opening event will be next Thursday.
    So the event will be as following. The first second and third to finish the maze will get a prizes which will be listed below. This is to stimulate people to come to our event on the day of release and to actually finish our project, as it’s really hard and will take time to complete. As you can’t leave the project because your progress will be lost so you have to stay inside the levels otherwise you start at level 1 again.
    We open the maze today! Thursday 26th of April! We open the maze at 14:00 EST/19:00 GMT


    1st place – 36.000 rupees + Full diamond set(Armor,weapons,tools)
    2nd place – 19.500 rupees + Full diamond set
    3rd place – 10.000 rupees + Full diamond set
    Prizes change when we get donations


    If you want to donate please donate to me (Dreamytje) as BeLugh gets a lot of transactions every day from our shop. So he can’t check rupee history to see who donated. If you insist on donating to BeLugh please donate when hes online and PM him first. Tho it doesn't matter to who you donate as it gets into the same prize pool.

    nightmare32808 = 10500
    FaustLauncher = 10000
    EukkaLyptuzz = 5000
    hayleycolgan = 5000
    CrazedHumanoid = 5000

    Special Thanks To

    ISMOOCH – Video and Beta Tester
    HayleyColgan – Beta Tester
    Thyrios – Helping us build and Beta test
    Leowaste – Supplying a HUGE load of sandstone
  2. Shared the video.
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  3. Awesome thanks :)
  4. woo! that is some quality video making right there :p
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  5. Yeah :D I wonder who made it
  6. Ahh you and BeLugh finally dug out he's 2nd res nice, and It looks great
  7. This looks really, really awesome. Can I donate 5 000 rupees? I know its not much for you who spent probably over 100k on this project, but this is really epic. If so, you'll get it tomorrow in the evening CET.
  8. This looks awesome!:D
  9. Challenge Accepted
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  10. if u need help perfecting the redstone i could always help
  11. can i help build?
  12. Yay! This is going to be a tough event guys! The prizes are definitely worth the hard work they will entail :)
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  13. The Prizes Are Awesome
    Great Work Guys!
  14. Dang. This looks fantastic. I honestly can't wait. And if you need any help, just holler at smp2 and I'll swing by :)
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  15. Wow this is amazeing! :)
  16. Hmm Smooch good quality but jump into the water harder next time XD That degree of jumping skill did you ever finished ur jumping puzzle? XD

    Also interesting work you guys :)

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  17. i thought about something like a mega build 2 weeks ago i need my res on smp 5 cleaned out
  18. The jumping puzzles were so easy to me, i had to make them look harder ;)
  19. We may have just found a new MineCast series ;)
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