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  1. Well, now that we have a proper "Writing" forum, I feel it's only appropriate to start breaking it in.

    So, in anticipation of the Lore Text feature, whenever that is released to us, I thought it'd be a neat idea to start discussing and pre-writing some of the potential book drops. I welcome ideas for passive and hostile critters alike, though I would strongly caution against enraged/miniboss texts for now (there are some plans for them already).

    *Note: Please wrap any actual story texts in [spoiler/] tags, for both length and spoiler reasons. It is probable these texts will find their way into the game at some point and it would be a shame to spoil the surprise for others.
  2. This was an idea for a skeleton drop.

    Day 5 - took some getting used to, but a lack of flesh has its advantages. Ma used to say I was all skin and bone. Guess she's only half-right now.

    Day 8 - found an adventurer in the cave today. Tried to mine my lapis. Mine! Put three arrows in him. No one touches my gems except me.

    Day 12 - more adventurers today. One had a sword, but luckily he couldn't get at me. After a few shots, they ran.

    ...I hate the living.

    After writing it out, I realized it's somewhat troublesome to try keeping situations interesting but generic. I'm not sure how 'conditional' drops can be, but it might be a good idea to have a distinction based on depth, and perhaps biome.
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  3. Enderman Drop

    Day 129: Just defeated the EnderDragon, some black stuff got on me when collecting the egg. Will remove it tomorrow, I need some rest.
    Day 130: The black stuff with not come off for some reason. I think it may be spreading. Going to see my friend about it.
    Day 137: I write this as possibly my last Diary entry. If you read this: DO NOT TOUCH THE DRAGON'S EG-
  4. cow

    To: Rebel leader cow
    I have sent this messenger with a very important message. If this info were to get out to the Steves, our cause would surely be lost. Our forces are almost ready. We own the wild, but spawning in the town used to be impossible. We have broken through their lines. Thousands of us are in pens and farms on all servers. Aikar tried to stop us from grouping with his entity limiter, but we are strong. Messages have been spread from res to res. There are even a few players who have helped our cause by telling others that they can get rich for getting high quantities of us, although they will be sacrificed just like the others. We have learned the ways to destroy them the most. We shall attack their heart. I won't name the place for fear of being discovered, but they will fall.
    From: milky assassin
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  6. I will never leave this wretched labyrinth! I won't be writing day numbers as it is impossible to know what day it is. The only light seems to be a low green glow coming from nowhere. There is absolutely no sound. You can't even hear your own foot steps. I think I will try to sleep now. I have woken up. I cannot tell if I slept a reasonable amount all I know is that I had a hard time going to sleep. I think I will stick to one side and write for a few hours. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT HUGE GREEN SLI....

    This could just be anywhere, but would be interesting and more rare below y 30.
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  7. Day 21 - Last night's attack on Woodenvale did not go as planned. Players had arrived to defend the village, and the moment we showed our faces two of our number were detroyed by a massive golem. Only two others survived the retreat.

    Day 22 - I tried to avenge my zombie mates, but it did not go well. A player dumped some sort of potion on me and fed me a shining yellow apple of all things. I feel weak and woozy... I am starting to dislike the taste of brains, and my skin almost looks less green. What is happening to me?
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  8. Day 1: I spawned on the side of some stone structure high in the air. The ledge I am on is narrow. Looking down makes my metal joints shiver... I tried push those fears away by listening to the villagers chatter. "Oh! o-Oh!" is all I can hear from them. I can't even see them. They are cramped up inside a little pod on the side of this structure. They probably want to see what's going on inside the structure. This strikes up a thought. Where even am I? I know I just spawned, but under what circumstances? The side of the structure is just short enough where I can see over the top, and... and there's another one of me! Another golem!. I wave as we golems do, rotating our bulky arms at the shoulder. The other tries to wave back but suddenly plummets... into the center of the structure. I noticed that water filled the insides and caused that to happen. And Everything came together at once. Cramped villagers? Processed golems? This is. This is.. A farm. And I'm a survivor! Sort of.. It would be better if I wasn't stuck up on this ledge here, thought, rusted stiff by my own fear of heights.

    Day 2: I try to look over the side to see the inside of the farm more often, but I never encounter any more golems. Has my presence caused the villagers to stop their work? Perhaps they prefer only one guard at a time to protect them. Well, they should at least try to spawn another golem on the ledge here. I am afraid of this place and feel that I need someone to protect me. I just hope the creator of this farm doesn't notice my loneliness up here. Who knows what he'll do to me.

    Day 3: He noticed. That player. Right up the ladder he went, and I could see him before he even reached the height of the ledge. His suit consisted of metal plates. Iron plates. Oh great Notch, he used the processed remains of my species! I had wished that he would leave me be, but he came after me anyway. There's no way he could get me into his farm, right? I mean, I'm way too heavy to lift. Instead of going into the farm, I go down and off the ledge. He pushed me off, what a way to end me.... *Crunch*... Oh yeah, I have iron legs. Falling doesn't hurt me so much. Of course, once I hit the ground, I took no more chances. If that player came back, he'd probably make me into a sword or pick. I dashed off (or waddled, as golems have no knees), and searched for a distant village to make a haven in. Three nights later, I found one in the plains. Now, to find a librarian villager to record this cruel experience in an iron golem farm...
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