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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by synth_apparition, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Just thought i'd throw this out out there as posts about politics are most likely to be locked.

    With the recent winning of Obama, I can see the 'presidential election' threads are going to go up. Some of us do not care as we don't live in America, and EMC is a place to play a game, not talk about politics to young people. If you want a forum to talk about politics, I reccomend this website:
  2. You have a point. But the "Other Discussion - Miscellaneous" section is for anything. As long as the thread doesn't get out of hand or insulting, we will leave them open.

    While anything politically based (or religion related) usually end in heated discussions, it can be a great way for members to interact, and meet others with the same viewpoints. Most likely, it will result in friendships. And I believe that's important.

    While we are a minecraft community, we are also a general community!
  3. I see plenty of non-EMC and non-Minecraft posts. It's a social forum, and people will talk about what interests them. A week or so ago it was the hurricane. This week, the US election. There was also this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/mischief-night.17135/#post-306472 and this one: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-remember-remember-the-5th-november.17260/#post-307967

    As to it not being interesting to you because you are not an American, I'd like to point out that you likely are affected by US policies. Also, I found your two threads above interesting for the same reason you say you don't care about the political threads: because I am not from your country and haven't experienced it first hand.

    I don't care for political threads and stay out of them mostly because people tend to focus on candidates, rhetoric, and generalizations. It seems everyone has chosen their "team", and aren't willing to consider other viewpoints.

    I do like discussing issues. Whenever there's an election, I probably spend more time researching the ballot proposals than I do the candidates.
  4. Thank you. I'm sick of seeing these threads.
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  5. Freedom of speech?
  6. Yes, freedom of speech BUT EMC is not the proper place.
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  7. Then why were you so active in the Early Voting thread? All you had to do was ignore it.

    I'm looking forward to no more ads and phone calls for a while. Since we now have a second term president, we also won't hear so many complaints about what his predecessor screwed up, like we so often hear from first term presidents.
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  8. election threads won't go up, the election is over and the best man for the job won. now we can go back to talking about gangam style or whatever other nonsense is going on in the world.
  9. While I do believe in Freedom Of Speech, we only need one thread, not multiple ones, and one hasn't been made yet to my knowledge. The one I have seen, however, was locked a few hours after its creation.

    Neither do I. It causes too many flames, and while people can connect through it, alot of people won't agree with them and then they argue.

    Also, I experience political votings etc. in England, just not as often, and since I have to be 16 to vote in my country, I am not bothered about them. I do, however, want my current PM to be gone, he attempted to cut pensions last year and now he wants to make people work for their pensions.

  10. How do pensions work there? Here in America, a pension is a fund someone pays into, or a company they work for pays into, which is later drawn from for retirement.

    If your PM tried to change it, it is likely because of problems with funding. Someone has to pay for that. Our Social Security has been in trouble for a long time. I heard recently that there were only 1.75 workers contributing into Social Securtity for every recipient. If I recall correctly, when SS was started it was 13 for every recipient. We've increased our retirement age, and split off medicare from it, but It's going to eventually go bankrupt without more changes.
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  11. A pension over here is a small amount of money given to you (Weekly) by the government, and then at the end of the month the company you used to work for pays you alot of money. My PM tried to change it for my dad's (who is classed as a builder) job type because they didn't do anything, even though they go out, sometimes abroad, and work for up to 18 hours a day.
  12. Thats horribly sexist.

    And since the election is done, does that mean you will stop causing trouble?:D
  13. What soul is saying is wrong, some money guy in Parliament brought forward the idea of OAP's working 'free labour' work to earn their pensions, then riots blah blah it got cancelled.
  14. That is true, I didn't mean to say anything bad about Jill Stein... so I will say the "best person" for the job lol

    I will try my best :D
  15. I can live with that haha:)
  16. Like bonzd already said, anyone can pretty much create anything and put it in the other-misc section. As long as it does not interfere with the rules. There are plenty of thread types that cloud the forums that I would personally rather see gone before the Election Ones, because at least eventually they will die out. If you wish not to be involved in any of the threads created about politics, avoid them. There is nothing forcing you to view them.

    The important thing to keep in mind, is to not cloud your judgement on one thing, just because you feel differently about it. If we were to disallow any kind of thread someone believed should not be around, there would be no community at all here. Just silence. We give everyone this freedom for a reason. It is heavily promoted that we wana strong community to go a long with our game, and with the ability talk about and discuss anything (common interests, games, computers, magazines,politics, ect.) you manage to find friends that give you a want to stick around other than just the game itself.

    Yes, political debates, especially around this time, create a lot of tension, and they are always watched carefully, and locked as soon as it steps past the rules. Debates, if moderated correctly, are healthy for everyone, there is nothing wrong with not only letting others know your opinions, but to take the time to be educated by the other side, not that you must be swayed to do so. Knowledge is power :p.

    Just keep in mind, American politics can be very tense, but really only for a short while. You will see very little, if any, more threads about them, just due to the lack of interest at this point.
  17. What riots?
  18. Dunno weren't there some? I thought there was... or was it strikes?
  19. Close this thread? I agree with ISMOOCH, there are other threads I would like to see closed before the election threads. This is one of them.
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  20. Also, just note that many of us here are minors and shouldn't even be thinking about politics. I have 4 years until I am able to vote, but I will never vote in my life.
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