Mischief Night

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  1. Mischief night is when teenagers play pranks on people, like egging, scaring and generally being a complete douche. A few of my friends are "participating". I will, however, be staying away from them ALL, they're most likely to be arrested.

    Any of you guys worried for tonight, if you have a mischief night? I know detroit has it.

    Also, consider yourself lucky. In England, we have two. One on october 30th, and one on November 4th (the night before bonfire night, which is when we burn guy Fawkes' dummies in bonfires and set off fireworks).

    Stay safe, everyone :)

    Also, on the east coast it may not be happening everywhere :p
  2. What do they do down in Liverpool?!
  3. Well I just heard a police car and an ambulance, and a bunch of fireworks going off...
    That's what.
    Worst of all, my dad has to walk home from work.

    Just heard somebody screaming, and somebody laughing, and then the person who was screaming swore at the other person.
  4. Thats normal for us! xD 2 stabbings down my road, fights and druggies! So its normal to me. (Druggies according to Chrome is a word...)
  5. It is a word.

    We've had 4 stabbings this month and I have 10 druggies hanging around my front garden drinking alcohol.

    Tonight, I have to leg it to my car to get a mcdonalds, rofl xD There's about 10 druggies down the street and 20 gangs are out tonight.
  6. Why do you do that? For the record I know who Guy Fawkes is.
  7. Really? Thats normal for us... Surprised the coppers arnt here yet
  8. Amazing! Its like one has been taught 'History'
  9. A lot of Americans don't know who Guy Fawkes is. I was just asking why do British people still burn effigies of Guy Fawkes.
  10. Oh xD I thought everyone knew! Also we don't burn 'dummies' of him...

    Must be a Liverpool thing its a weird place up there (up there meaning I must go up UK to get there)
  11. Hurricane Sandy ruined my plans for mischievous night. But in all seriousness, i don't think it's all worth while when another person has to clean up the day after. When you think about it, would you like your house getting egged, tpeeded, or vandalized in general?
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  12. Let's find out. What's your street address?

    When I was a kid about all I did was TP'ing, but never when it was expected like the night before Halloween.
  13. We have guy fawkes here in NZ but we just use fireworks :p
  14. Here's my address P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

    Finding Nemo?
  15. Something tells me nothing will happen in my town (Red Deer, Canada) as most of the "hardcore" teenagers are just some brainless morons who go around yelling YOLO and swag.
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  16. It's not a weird place up here, there are alot of places that burn the dummies.
    He was a terrorist who attempted to blow up the houses of parliament.
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  17. As a teenager, I disapprove of such stupid behavior. I don't think anyone participated in my town though, stupid hurricane.. (I am going to be griping about the hurricane A LOT, so, here's just a heads up...)
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