[CONTEST] Remember, remember, the 5th November

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    The 5th November, 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the house of lords.
    Good on him, he would have rid us Britons of a terrible government...
    If he succeeded.
    I am glad he didn't succeed, he brought me my favourite day of the year:
    Bonfire Night!
    This is when we blow up Fireworks, eat BBQ, drink hot chocolate, and light bonfires.

    I want to celebrate it on EMC, through the art of building, right here on EMC.

    What to do
    You have to build something related to Fireworks, and/or bonfires on EMC. Simples.
    Contests will be rated by the community, and winners will be announced on 10th. Contest entries will stop being accepted on the 6th.
    Be creative.

    1) It must be built on EMC.
    2) No getting angry over 'I didn't win!'. There will be a prize for everyone.
    3) Have fun! :D

    Let the contest begin.
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  2. Also, this won't be a huge disaster like the EMC Olympics (which, by the way, are going to be held sometime soon...I promise).
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  3. You made me learn something today. :mad:

    (Actually, that's pretty interesting. ;))
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  4. Think the 4th July, but with burning dummies with guy fawke's masks ;)
  5. im on smp6 count me in.
  6. Can I enter my fire breathing unicorn?
  7. A.K.A: Yes. Just post your picture of it on this thread.
  8. Its my birthday as well :D
    the reason he failed was that he left the gunpowder in the tunnels bellow the house of the lords for too long and the cold/damp air spoiled the gunpowder :)
  9. 1 entry...
    3 winners...
    This isn't working :p
  10. I might be able to enter!
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  11. Do a toaster shooting rainbow-color fireworks :)
  12. Would a screenshot of my wool and wood house being set onfire count :)
  13. i win all three prizes! :p
  14. Not really - we don't set houses on fire :p