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  1. Hi here is Zikko,

    I love building and thought what if there is a EMC In Game Build Team, well now there is :)
    I will be looking for 5 talented builders we will be building public builds in the frontier, Building large mansions for players and more. The EMC In Game Build Team (IGBT) will be available for hire. All the members of IGBT will be paid for all the builds. If you want to sign up send me a private convo on the forums and do this:

    Title: (Player Name) IGBT
    (How old are you on EMC?)
    (How long do you play EMC?)
    (Why are you signing up?)
    At the end show a link that has all the images of your builds

    Hope that you make it and we will be building for our EMC Friends :)

    Some builds of mine /v crazyhorsegirl04, /v BanditLM

    Members: Lance2013, RainbowRobin, f_Builder_s, Epicdigger10, MitchD2000
  2. Hmm.. An EMC build team for player-ran builds..

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  3. It is very interesting and fun also players earn r with IGBT
  4. I find it interesting that you have neglected to include proof of your own construction proficiency. Perhaps players would be more willing to cooperate with you if they possessed proof that their teammates were equally skilled.
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  5. I would love to sign up..... but by private message do you mean in game or on forums
  6. I'm guessing he means forums :)
  7. ok well how would I do that
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  9. See some builds at /v BanditLM, /v crazyhorsegirl04 2 more builds will be shown later
  10. wait, why is this need? EMC already has a build team... :confused:
  11. They only build for EMC But the IGBT builds for Emc players and public farms
  12. Uhh... Why not just use someones build service?
  13. Well we work together and we are a team we also get builders from around EMC that are very talented and some build services take time and are not so nice well the IGBT have experience and we are a group and take faster then a one person job
  14. Welcome Lance2013 to IGBT he has made it because his midievel and mysterious builds
  15. For a second I thought it said LGBT xD
  16. IGN:RainbowRobin
    I will have lots of time to build because it is summer break so i have no school!:)
    I want to join the IGBT because i love building and i think i am pretty good at it
    so i hope you accept me and have a great day ;)

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  17. Your sign up has been saved and written up good luck :D
  18. Welcome RainbowRobin for the style modern and funky
  19. So I'm going to assume that the builds we appky with can be made on creative, probably without command blocks involved. Be prepared with some builds shot at ya
  20. I mainly focus on quality, yet speed with my builds. The first two show that, while the third shows pure effort for a hub design for a mini-game server.

    (Post-Post-Post-Modern House :p)

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