EMC Hunger Games! (This one will actually happen!)

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm glad to announce that the server and Hunger Games arena I have been working on are now finally finished! So like before we will have a Hunger Games battle between all the servers. Now for the details:

    Date and Time: Saturday April 20th at 8:00 pm EST (time may vary)

    Test Date: Saturday April 13th at 8:00 pm EST (this is to make sure people can safely get on to the server and not make it lag like crazy).

    Each server will volunteer 2 tributes to take place in the battle to the death but only one person may come out on top unless the two tributes from the same district wish to ally and if thats the case, if they are the last two standing, then they both win and the prizes will be split however they wish.

    All EMC rules still apply (no bad language, no cruel behavior towards other member, etc.)

    No breaking blocks unless instructed or given blocks.

    There will most likely be a 90 second grace period at the beginning. This means no PVP until the time is up (still needs to be tested).

    All items you can get will be from chests, sponsors or game makers (admins of the server).

    Each sponsor at the beginning of the tournament will pick one tribute to sponsor and depending on how the tribute is doing, they will receive in game money which can be used to buy items like food, armor, or weapons.

    12,050 rupees
    A beacon
    24 Diamonds
    (Rest to be determined)
    Donations are appreciated!

    Donators: Wisepsn 750 r, Shaw449 300 r, Electrobomb 1k

    Now for the servers!

    SMP 1:
    Sha449 and SirZomb
    SMP 2:
    KingGeorge3rd and jacob5089
    SMP 3:
    DaJaKoe and WeirdManaico
    SMP 4:
    BobTheTomato9798 and Yankees518
    SMP 5:
    PenguinDJ and Wisepsn
    SMP 6
    TheEpic5 and Choongjae
    SMP 7:
    SMP 8:
    HxCami10 and Talukegord
    SMP 9:
    Electrobomb AlexHallon
    AmusedStew and Qwerty189

    Say in the comments if you want to be a sponsor.
    Thank you for participating! Remember to donate please!
    (Also for anyone who had donated in the other hunger games that didn't happen, don't worry, I will help you get them back. (Unless they were already given back)).
  2. Ill participate for utopia, hunger games ftw.
  3. I'll be on for smp7, and what map are we playing?
  4. I would participate but the times are very awkward for me sorry.
  5. Utopia, please. :)
  6. The map is a custom map made by me and some help from HxCami10 I will post some screen shots today.
  7. I would like to participate for smp2!
  8. I would like to be a Tribute from smp5. All hail the Mob Arena!
  9. No. All Hail the Blue Ribbon Hotel!!!
  10. Also,
    I think the grace period should be about 3-5 minutes. It would make it much more interesting
  11. Can I be a tribute for Smp1?
  12. I'll be an smp2 tribute.
    90 seconds makes it interesting because you have to sprint to chests and run as fast as you can. Three or five minutes would be a casual stroll to the chests and through the woods.
  13. I will participate for SMP1!
  14. I will participate for SMP1!
  15. The arena is pretty small to make it more interesting so 90 seconds is fast enough to search the map for chests
  16. 2 people have already taken the spots before you sorry :(
  17. Ah noes, smp1 is full D: I will participate for SMP5!!!
  18. Can you post screenshots of the arena?
  19. SMP6! Though, I don't have the best internet, D: