Emc has ads?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by collect12, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Yus. Aikar has been working hard to bring in new players.
  2. Erm.... You shouldn't be seeing that...

    It's suppose to not show to people who have logged into EMC o.o

    But yes, I essentially run those ads to people who's been to EMC before but hasn't signed in, but the signed in part appears to not be working....
  3. Is the right side supposed to be on the left side?
  4. Wait....you have ads outside of EMC website?
    This was not on EMC...
  5. Yes.... All across the entire internet for this specific ad type you are seeing. Why?
  6. How do you know if they are logged in then...?
  7. Magic.
  8. I work for a marketing company, so I learn a few things ;)

    How active have you been on EMC site lately? Maybe it takes a while to propagate the logged in status up.

    As I know I'm not seeing the ads
  9. But adverts are very expensive, right?
  10. It depends. You pay a tiny amount for every time someone clicks on it. Lots of clicks=expensive=EMC growing. Which also hopefully = a better emc.
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  11. emc is the only site my adblocker does not get used on. #boss
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  12. Could it be due to dynamic ip's ? Or a cleared cache?
  13. Doubt it. Google is pretty good about tracking people =P

    It's weird that Google would place you on one list but not the other...
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  14. Well I have control on how much to spend per ad type.

    Display ads (The banners like this one shows) are much more expensive than search ads, and run about 20 cents per click.

    Though right now the remarketing ones like shown here are 30 cents per 1000 views, so clicks actually dont cost, but not good if its never clicked paying and never receiving.
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  15. I stand corrected ;)
  16. Hmm.
    I think that......
    You track the players IP when they go on EMC.
    You direct the ads on google to anyone BUT those ips.
    You said that I shouldn't see these ads anymore.
    Maybe because I had not logged on EMC in a short while.
    Is that it?