EMC games server is now up and running!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RainbowPony, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Yes, you guys heard me! the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived at last!

    The staff team have worked vigorously the past couple of months to complete the new games server, putting all their blood, sweat and tears into it. (sounds weird, but it's true)

    The new games server includes games such as super smash mobs, survival games but also some that you will need to see for yourself. And also for you crazy parkour lovers out there, we have made some pretty mad parkour courses there for you guys to complete..
    You may notice there that the mob arena, nether spleef and firefloor arena isn't there, YET. But not to worry! they should be moved sometime on April 1st.

    Now you guys are probably wondering how to get there, simple! just type /games to receive a free kick and view the title page screen at it's very best!

    Keep your eyes open for the empire's monthly news for April for more information about the games server!
    Enjoy, the staff team worked hard on this one. =)

    Happy April fools! =)
  2. haha, I wish :p
  3. The /games command just makes me crash. :(
  4. #AikarWillFixIt =P
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  5. Another April Fools Joke.
  6. Well at least this time we are never gonna find out if it really is a prank
  7. Aw, java.net.ConnectException :/
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  9. Yes we are, this was posted by Rainbowpony1000, not Krysyy.

    Everyone, we've cracked it :rolleyes: I saw the title as suspicious because well, it is April Fool's Day. And now I see the name of the person that wrote it... Well, fair play to you Rainbow, you had me for a minute, but you fool me no longer ;)
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  10. Yea i noticed when i first clicked on the page... i was joking :D
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  11. Aw, now you spoiled it :p (it'll probably still get people for a moment though)
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  12. If I didn't say it, somebody else would anyway... :p Yeah, it should still get people with the first post though, they'll just find out once they read the comments ;)
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  13. Welp, the cats out of the bag.. I have nothing else to say but...well, I have nothing to say =P
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  14. All I'm wondering is why you had cats in a bag! ;)
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  16. That's brilliant :p

    Maybe you should give this .gif to people that believed this thread was real...
  17. I'm....I'm lost for words.... e.e;
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  18. It's come to that time again where you have to read everyones' names :p
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  19. If the server is up and running, that should tell you it's coming soon, probabily Aikar needs to put more stuff in there or fix a couple things before the public can start getting on it. #ComingSoon