Emc Football team Idea

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  1. So this idea is trying to have like a football team.Each server will have at least 26 People to participate.There will be 10 teams one for SMP1,SMP2,SMP3,SMP4,SMP5,SMP6,SMP7,SMP8,SMP9,Utopia.So if you want to participate tell me what what server you wanna be on and what position you wanna play so the total amount of players is 260!
    The team colors are all on the armor. The Coach of the team will PM me to tell me what there Team colors are the when we have over 260 people or more we start the season.As i have the Team Names i'll list them here in the bottom.If you're a Supporter that is Diamond/Gold you are gonna play for the server you we're first on.
    The Season will hopefully start around March 23-April 23 if we get enough people.If you have any questions on the Idea please PM me.

    Team Names:

    Smp1: Thunders

    Smp2: Warriors

    Smp3: Chiefs

    Smp4: Lions

    Smp5: Astros

    Smp6: Terminators

    Smp7: Eliminators

    Smp8: Patriots

    Smp9: Giants

    Utopia: Tigers

  2. First of all, you are relying on way too many people for this to actually work. And second of all you have not explained even remotely how the game would be played
  3. Also you should have a mod move this out of supporter discussion into a different category, there is no way you will be able to get 260 supporters
  4. OK is there any mod that can right now
  5. Send one a private message, chances are a mod wont see this post unless you send it to them
  6. Wait, do you mean american football or soccer
  7. Of course soccer right? :p
  8. American Football,But if there's a way to play soccer then i'll set it up
  9. How do you play football then in this game?
  10. I'll say how to play once we have ALL the teams sorted out. In a few days it will change to the Non-Supporter forum
  11. What makes you think that 260 people are going to sign up for an event that they have absolutely no idea how it will work?
  12. ??? I'm guessing that i'll combine the teams like smp1-2 Together 3-4 together 5-6 7-8 9-utopia. so their are less players. at least 130 players would particpate.Then in stead the all stars smp1-5 and smp6-utopia.
  13. The Rules will come out tonight
  14. Is there any way i can be the quarterback for smp2?
  15. I can possibly be a wide receiver for smp2.
  16. that would be fun
  17. Meh not into American football, I'm more football
  18. Football? What is that? It is a type of food?

    The only sport I know is Internet.

    Also, how are we supposed to play football in Minecraft?
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  19. I know you can make goals and if you throw something in them you score, and i know you can slide things - but idk if you can toss items efficiently ...