EMC Economy ruined by 40r Diamonds

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Jeanzl2000 and Dark_Beta started a chain reaction of events starting with selling Diamonds for only 40r.
    Jeanzl2000 was the first one to start selling then Dark_Beta started selling for 35r a diamond.
    This set off a chain reaction of things and objects being overpriced.

    We will continue this article as more News Occours
  2. Lol i think this is very good i for once buy these and wait till the prices go higher then sell them
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  3. I have a trade market for diamonds at 3456 on smp2 that buys diamonds usually for 49r or more. I just let supply and demand automaticly control the price of diamonds and they stay pretty high
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  4. i don't think they have done anything wrong, If they want to let those diamonds go cheap thats their business and that's how a FREE market works. Competitors will adjust their prices to stay competitive. Its also a good way to get people into their shops to purchase other items therefore making up the small loss on their diamonds. Quite genius if i say so myself.
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  5. OMG an admin liked my post!
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  6. Sand went down 1r for a stack.
  7. This is ridiculous. Diamond costing 40r doesnt not mean the economy is ruined. It just means that there are people nice enough or wealthy enough to sell them at this price. Discount sales in real life doesnt mean the worlds economy will worsen... And besides this, prices vary form server to server and player to player. The EMC economy is doing just fine.

    Edit: Dark_Beta aquired a LARGE ammount of diamond so it was obvious theyd sell them cheaper than usual- no need to a high price.
  8. Oh I'm pretty sure world economie will break on the next discount!!! :p Jeah they can sell out there diamonds. They only could lower the diamond prizes if they could meet demand for them for all people an all server for a longer period of time. And I hardly doubt that will happen.

    Also why does the thread starter talks of himself in third person + why does he even post it. It seemed like he tries to report himself ^.- strange
  9. You know, a month or so ago, 40 was considered WAY overpriced. So don't be complaining about 40r diamonds. I've seen the average price be 35r. Now they are like 50-58r.
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  10. As I said it doesnt seem like he is complaining since he himself was the one who set the prizes like this. I think he just tries to get attention for some reason ...

    by Jeanzl2000

    It's just due to the fact that he speaks of himself in third person that it seems like he is complaining...
  11. reason that prices of diamonds are low is like someone said above, it's an advanced form advertisement. if your diamond prices are low, than that person who is shopping instinctively thinks, :what else can i get for cheap:. so in a way it is kind of good and bad. Competitors is where it varys, and I personally have seen diamonds go for 20R before, and have the rest of their prices higher. Also a majority of it is supply and demand - which gives different servers some leeway, such as the new servers, diamonds will be in-stock more because there is more of a population for them than there is in say, server 1.
    food for thought.
  12. IDK about you people, but prices going down is a good thing.
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  13. It is, or can be lol. And because the Rupee balance is regulated by daily login, we don't have to worry about an economic collapse.
  14. Well, just today, I went into a pre-mined mine, found a cave, found a bigger cave, and found exposed diamonds. And last week I found diamonds in a player-made strip-mine. Whoever made the strip mine was really dumb not to get an iron pickaxe as they must've gotten iron ore on the way down, at least enough for a pick.
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  15. Haha it was probably me. I do stupid stuff like that all the time
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  16. Find diamonds and don't mine them? Really? And leave them exposed for other people?
  17. Yeah lol. sometimes you get so worked up you just can't see whats all around you I suppose xD
  18. But really? Diamonds on the floor? On ceiling I understand, because you are looking down, but you never look only up.
  19. So, let me get the straight, because lots of people are selling stuff for cheap, this means the rupee system is runied? LAWL.. So if I keep selling lots of stone bricks to D1223M, the rupee system will take a hit?
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  20. Usually I look straight, I don't ever really look up or down unless I hear hostiles lol.