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  1. So, I have just been sitting around these days, and have decided that I wanted do some weekly comics for the Empire. The topics are usually going to be what I see is trending that week on the server. You guys can also make new suggestions that I can take into account. The future ones will look much nicer. This is just to get it introduced :)


    Read... the... guide...:

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  2. This is awesome! I can't wait for more!:D
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  3. Tracking this thread...

    iSmooch, you just got more awesome.
  4. FTW!
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  5. This is amazing
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  6. You're so talented :)
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  7. I am pretty sure the one next week will be topic'd on the reset.. but if you guys can come up with something better or notice something, i can run with that as well.
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  8. How bout them oh-so-fiery flame wars on the forums? Those could be interestingly interpreted
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  9. no.. just on Minecraft, no need to involve the forums XD
  10. Well, run around smp2 during peak hours repeatedly and I'm sure you'll find something interesting.
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  11. ...no
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  12. I'm not going to turn this into a 5-page war of us arguing whether you're talented or not :p we do that enough off EMC already.
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  13. Awesome can't wait to see more, posting this on the EMC twitter/fb :)
  14. I found this on facebook...lol.... Nice
  15. You should do one on everyone asking for help every 30 seconds and ignoring your pricing suggestions. How did they get past the tutorial? "How do i get resources?" "Is griefing O.K. in the Wild?" "How do I claim a res?"
  16. Yes!
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  17. Yay not everyone hates me and thinks Im a bad player for getting banned a few times!

    You've given me hope Justin!
  18. Very funny. I look forward to more of these. :)
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  19. Agreed. Hooray for amusements!
  20. I would like to see one regarding requests for more available login slots on the servers, or extreme lag preventing blocks from being destroyed/placed when a wilderness reset is in progress.

    Very nice job ismooch, keep it up. :)
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