EMC Being offencive to younger players through ONE quote

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HudsonGamingYT, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. On the pmc forum post for the server i took the MOST offence through this quote...


    Thats right, i take that offencive because that dosent mean that adults should be treated any better then younger players, my friend (same age as me) has his own fully coded server, *removed (he cant afford normal hosting), so kindly would you please remove that quote... -Hudson
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  2. What the statement is supposed to mean is that the server owners actually know a thing or two about what they're doing compared to 99% of the servers run by kids. They aren't going to make any stupid decisions and the server will appear professional, and actually be professional.

    Obviously, there are going to be some younger people who are fully capable of running a server, but those servers are few and far between.
  3. This OP is just full of wrong, lol. :rolleyes:
  4. Hi Hudson. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. ;)
  5. There definitely is a lot of prejudice relating to age, but that's mostly due to maturity levels above everything else. The fact of the matter is, EMC is a very large server, and to have little kids staff it and patrol is not ideal. The youngest age for a very long time of any staff member on EMC was 16, just because at that point people have a lot more maturity and life experience. It's nothing to be offended about, it's just how business works.
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  6. Except this server is owned by adults......
  7. I am not an adult, and everyone who isn't is occasionally tired of that, but lets be honest here. Kids do not know everything. Being young does not make you less of a person, but it does not mean you are more intelligent or mature than an adult.

    As well as being offended by it, it is not like it is saying "children are not good enough for us". What it is saying, is that the staff are mature. That is all. Being offended about that is about the same as being mad at a group of CEO's because you don't have a Masters in Business Administration. While age is just a number, it still has meaning.
  8. offensive*
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  9. Great time for that.
    No, really.
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  10. Wow thats a big team... I think the meet the staff and meet the team pages show more members :p
    (Cant link because I am on mobile)
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  11. That's the official Starlis team, who are (presumably) employed and not just volunteering like all of the mods.
  12. Maybe they can change it to say "Mature" instead of "Adult".
    JackBiggin and many others are great examples of how it is more about maturity than age.

    If you have ever been on a different server with immature staff with ban power, it is not fun to see other people banned for no legit reason, so I understand part of the advertizing, I think.
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  13. I was 11 when I first joined this server. I'm now 15 years of age, and have never once in my 3+ years here taken offence to that quote. That just lets me know I'm 'safe' on this server, and the community is run by adults who know what they're doing. I have joined many servers owned by kids younger than 16 who get into hissy fits when someone makes a point about them or their server, and ban people for it. That usually doesn't happen here (last time something like this happened was literally years ago, and even then from what I can remember, it was a misunderstanding).
  14. Better to be run by adults than by llamas, #NoLlamaHate
  15. Let's be realistic here: Kids do not know as much as adults do, not as mature (most), and most do not know how to handle problems. It would make sense for the community to be run by adults for these three reasons and probably more. Run by adults also makes it look professional. Servers want to look professional so more people will join. :) congratulations to your friend for running a server but your friends server is different than Empire and is (no offense) useless information for your argument. Most people already beat me to my explanation :p
  16. While I hate to say it; with age comes maturity. When I first joined, I was seriously immature. I have a laugh and a joke, but I am mature in comparison to what I was when I first joined. EMC is ran by adults, the admin team and senior staff team are only adults.

    Seriously debatable...
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  17. Ok, we are all going to get offended for some things, but that quote; theres nothing to be offended about. This server is ran by adults. I consider, this is just my opinion, that when your 15; your an adult. The only reason I say that is because your mature enough, you know what words to say, and you can pretty much drive and get a job. Its better to let an adult, that knows what to say and do at the right times, than a kid, that doesn't know what to say or do, run a server that currently holds 300,000+ members. But thats just my two cents.


    Hi huckleberry.
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  18. In my country, we're not allowed to get a proper job until we're 16 and we're also not allowed to drive until we're 17. By the time you can afford a car, you'll probably be around 18-19. By the time you have parking space for one outside your house, you'll probably be 20 years old and living by yourself or with a significant other :p
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  19. i think he gets it guys
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