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Would you like to see a(n) app(s) for EMC

Yes 9 vote(s) 75.0%
No 3 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. There should be an EMC Shopkeeper app, as well as a general app version of the forums, website, and wiki.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  2. an* and no a(n)

    there's an EMC shopkeeper one but I don't know where to find it
  3. The shopkeeper is no longer being maintained. It used to be run by stads, but he is not around anymore. There is one being created but it is not done yet.

    The forums will never need/have an "app" on any of the major smartphone app stores. We will eventually implement a mobile version of the site but that is as far as we'll go.
  4. Shopkeeper is ran and still ran and still actively updated by shavingfoam.

    Also, jkrmnj has an app for android phones which is available by request which is basically the EMC website. I am not sure how much it covers, though.
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  5. Stads had nothing to do with it??
  6. In the suggestion box, an official post has been started saying not to suggest EMC apps. But, this post is over a year old, and I doubt anybody looks at it anyway. But still, they're already taking care of app stuff.
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  7. I made a barebones android app for the forums. I have stopped maintaining it, but if I ever get the time, I may start it up again. You can download it from my old thread although you can't view the "art" forum sections because I haven't updates it since then. Also, it is open source, so someone else can add stuff if they want.
  8. Quick question for ultimamaxx. Why do you correct people?
  9. Whoops! I had the wrong emc shopkeeper :confused:
  10. I wrote a small application to pull rupee history and graph things like popular items and profit, but tbh shopkeeper does the same sort of stuff, I just can't stand java desktop apps :)
  11. I have an Iphone so I am hoping for an ios app in the future. It seems to be way harder to get one unless someone can distribute it ota at emu4ios.net
  12. You have more chance of EMC Shopkeeper being an Android app first. Its written in Java so it means that porting it over wouldn't be overly hard. While iOS only supports C/C++/C#, so the app would need to be written from scratch.
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  13. I understand that, so it would be nice if we could find somebody who knows C...etc. Because android is so much easier. It would make sense to start on an iOS version sooner to compete with the android version.
  14. Assuming there will be an android version*
  15. Why the need for competition? I see apps for either platform as not very useful to be honest, if EMC were to add a site integrated economy plugin at some point, then I could see an app being very useful.
  16. Correction*. Not compete but rather be there with.
  17. The correction being on my part.