EMC app progress!

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Versions of android you use

less than 3.0 5 vote(s) 22.7%
3.0 0 vote(s) 0.0%
4.0 2 vote(s) 9.1%
4.1-4.3 9 vote(s) 40.9%
4.4 8 vote(s) 36.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Great job. I wish I had your skills.

    I would absolutely love to have an easy way to vote for the server added to an app.
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  2. Nice! Looking good and can't wait to get it! I would definitely get the paid version to support this as long as it isn't too much ;) Android forever! :p
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  3. Thanks! that is a good idea. I will look into adding that later on.
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  4. Progress update: The app will no longer crash if the number of sticky threads changes. This also seems to have fixed the random crashes when opening some sections. I won't be releasing this one and am still working towards the Beta. I still am looking for suggestions on how to do spoilers and such.
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  5. Sweet. I love it when things don't crash. Especially cars though... :p
  6. Uh, how about an indicator that part is in a spoiler like
    //// SPOLIER ////
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  7. I think he means the code.
  8. I mean spoilers. The problem is that I can't just say " add that spoiler thing" because it is in an HTML document. I would have to make a spoiler ui myself. Quotes shouldn't be hard because I can use "" to do that but spoilers are meant to be hidden.
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  9. what if i have an Iphone :(
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  10. Sorry but I physically can not make an iPhone app. I explained why in the first page.
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  11. Ooooh...
    Sorry can't help you there ;3
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  12. Use the web version :p
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  13. The current icon for the app is EMC in a black box. I am wondering if anyone else wants to try and make something better since I have no artistic ability. Use this link if you want some basic android icon tips.
    The best one will be used in the app and credit will be given.
    Hint: I really like something with this basic theme.
  14. Bump for the icons
  15. Can I run it in Eclipse? ;)
  16. I think you need the source code to do that and my code is a bit messy so no.
  17. I recently was going to just release the release with thread viewing and then I decided to fix and make what I already have perfect. This is the new beta release. You can view thread titles and see recently active threads in each category. The beta of the app should run without issues so I am removing the restriction of having to pm me. Please download it on the first page in the faq section.
    Notable improvements:
    • app will now display a loading toast while the content is loading. Anyone who has used this likely noticed how it would always hang for a few seconds while loading. This makes the hang look like it is actually doing things.
    • If you aren't connected to the internet or the site is down, the app will give you a sorry message and not crash.
    • App will no longer crash if the staff add or removes a sticky thread.
    I am accepting icons so please submit them.
  18. If you find any bugs, please report them to me so I can get them fixed.
  19. It has been a while and I just want to let everyone know that this is still being worked on. I am trying to sort out some weird stuff that would be a big issue and a pain to fix later. Remember that you can use the Beta version for now.
  20. So this doesn't work on apple devices?