EMC app progress!

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Versions of android you use

less than 3.0 5 vote(s) 22.7%
3.0 0 vote(s) 0.0%
4.0 2 vote(s) 9.1%
4.1-4.3 9 vote(s) 40.9%
4.4 8 vote(s) 36.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This will not work on apple devices.
    It has been a while and just went to say I am working on this still. I am making a game with a friend so I don't have as much time to dedicate to this.
  2. If you want I'll get it on the Play Store for you.
  3. Olaf you NEED to make an apple app for EMC. I NEED an app of EMC. I NEED EMC. *foams at the mouth*
  4. Thanks, but jackbiggin contacted me about it a while ago. Once I finish it, be said that he would post it.
  5. It has been a while but I have good news. The app is now able to view threads that just contain text and/or styling. The app will crash if there is anything else, but I am making progress. I will not be releasing this version because it is VERY unstable and will crash when viewing most threads.
    I am still looking for a good app icon.
    Ideas for dealing with things:
    pictures: displayed in a gallary that can be access while viewing a thread
    spoiler: text in spoilers will be the same color as the app background to hide them until they are highlighted
    quote: Playername"quote"
    code: code""

    What does everyone think?
  6. As a mobile user, I like this :D
  7. Good news. The App just made a ton of progress today. The app will load all posts although it will remove any style things added such as spoilers.
    News with the site update: the app should continue to work perfectly after it. I know that the site will have a mobile version but I will keep updating this. I do plan on adding a vote reminder once I get the mail stuff done.
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  8. Can't wait to use this on my phone. I've been wanting an app that I can use on my phone when I'm not with my computer
  9. Progress update:
    I have been trying to find a way to get the formatting (text color and style) to show on the app but it isn't working. The app will just show plain text. This also removes my original strategy for having spoilers. I figured I would ask if it would be fine if spoilers were just plain text. Stuff like quotes and code should be fine.

    I would just like to say that I am still looking for an icon. The current one is just a box with EMC in it.