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Versions of android you use

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4.0 2 vote(s) 9.1%
4.1-4.3 9 vote(s) 40.9%
4.4 8 vote(s) 36.4%
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  1. I have been working on an EMC mobile app recently. I just reached a milestone so I figured I would make the progress visible to the rest of EMC. Please read the faq below for more info.

    2-22: The app is now able to find threads without issues and no longer crashes if it can't
    This version is being released to all.

    2-6: The app can now identify thread titles everywhere. I also got rid of the weird symbol in titles. There are definitely some more weird things in titles but they will be gone next update.

    2-2: the app can now identify threads on the EMC site and show users a list of them along with their names. Threads are organized by the same categories as on the site.

    What is this app for?
    This will be an Android app. I will never be making an Apple app because I don't know C, I don't have a Mac/Ithing, and I don't want to spend money to get a dev kit.

    Where can I download it?
    The app can be downloaded here. Click that link while on the device you want it to install on. All downloads of the app will be sideloaded. Simple go into your settings and find the security section. Turn "allow installation of apps from unknown sources" on. Now you can download the app and use install it (if you send me a pm for it).

    Why are you showing to us if it isn't ready?
    First, I personally work better when I have others expecting something from it.
    Second, by getting the community involved, the app can be better suited for all of you to use and changes can be made easily.

    TODO: Things I need to get done for next release:
    Get rid of the weird HTML things
    Prepare for thread viewing. I need to pass a multidimensional array that includes the URL for the thread.
    add thread viewing

    things to get done for the beta release:

    Future TODO:
    Lots of things that I will list out later.
  2. O_O
    Dude. That's amazing, can't wait to use it :p
    (also will it be free or pay to use?)
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  3. The app will be completely free. If I do make a payed version, it will have the exact same features as the free version and will simply be a donation thing.
  4. Can you add a thang for threads? BTW its epic!
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  5. Soon you will be able to view threads.

    Currently the app will only work on 4.0+ devices. I may try to support lower if there is a need for that.
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  6. Nice! Although I don't use apple or android... yet... I still love the look of this app!
  7. Thanks! The colors will be slightly different since I am using a theme but it will look about the same on normal devices.
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  8. Awesome! I'll send you a PM :).

    Will the app be easily updated once downloaded?
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  9. Updating won't be as easy since I don't have it on the store. I may try to add an update checker in later but for now you just have to download the app again with each update.
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  10. Update on progress:
    I am almost done with the thread identifier. This shows thread titles to the user of the app. In my initial release, it only worked for the news section but I am getting it ready to work on all sections. the main problem is sticky threads but I think I know how to fix it. There will still be some weird symbols in all of this because of the HTML file that I will have to figure out. I expect it to be done soon and up possibly later today.
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  11. Looks great! Just wish I could use it on my iPhone 5 :(
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  12. looks great what do you use to make the apps for android I've tried making an apple app but the coding language is crazy :p
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  13. Sorry but someone else will have to make an Iphone app. I understand they are popular but the amount road blocks for me are too much. It is expensive, I would have to buy a Mac, and Apple doesn't allow you to install apps from other sources.

    Android uses Java and I have the ADT for Eclipse.
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  14. I have an iPod and an iPhone, so I guess I will have to miss out on the app D: Anyways, this is a great idea and I am sure everyone else will love it!
  15. Just finished the release! Next one will be mostly under the hood things to prepare for the Beta release. See the release log above for details. This one turned out to be super frustrating because I forgot to add the news section's url and the entire thing got messed up.:oops: Should all be fixed now.

    If you have pm'd me, I will be sending you an updated link soon.

    Edit: all people who have pm'd me now have the new link.
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  16. Progress update: The app now can find the title of a thread along with the URL to the thread. This means that work on the actual thread viewer activity can begin! I won't be releasing the "under the hood update" as I mentioned before. Instead I will release the Beta version once it is finished.
    Once I get the thread viewer, I will need to incorporate things like the spoilers an quotes. What works on the site may not work on a mobile app. The first thing I will take on is how to display pictures. I don't want them loaded automatically. This slows the app down and uses extra mobile data if you don't care about the pictures. I am thinking of having a view able slideshow that is activated with a button that has all of the pictures. Any other ideas? Post them here.
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  18. I did not follow that at all, but laughing all the way :D
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  19. xD me too :p
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  20. I might be able to help out with an apple application. I am starting to get into app development and I own an iPod touch and my mother has a 4s. I cannot promise anything but I will see what I can do.
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