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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Aikar, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. With a fix from Bukkit and the customizations applied above, Anvils should work flawlessly now!
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  2. Lovely! Thanks Aikar! Your one coding ninja!:)
  3. Thanks for this :)
    No offence to mojang but their system was complete rubish...

    If you where in mojang.....
  4. ok so im at exactly level 40 and im trying to repair my helmet. it says its too expencive but it shows that i can pick it up. the only problem is i can't, does this meen i need to get more exp or is it bugged somehow?
  5. Thank you so much Aikar! I enchant my stuff alot and use anvil most of them time! :D
  6. So when it says "Too Exspensive" we will have to keep leveling up until the words turn green?
  7. still can't claim my items.
  8. I have a problem with the melding with the anvil code but I don't want to mention it here. Send me a message Aikar and ill explain.
  9. OK I was finally able to repair my bow it just took 47 levels of enchanting, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx it doesn't show when you can you just have to sit at a grinder and level past 40 and just keep trying to grab it. if it doesn't work the first time, try leveling up some more then try again.
  10. was this "too expensive" or did it do the steals your exp and drops the items?

    for the too expensive not knowing how much it really costs, not much I can do other than sending you a message with the cost... I think Ill do that (but only if its over normal limit).
  11. Sorry to bump this Aikar, but I recently fixed an item and it cost me 24 levels of xp to fix it and rename it and I was wondering what had happened here. Thank you.
  12. Thanks a ton!
  13. Wondering what? :confused:
  14. Why instead of losing 10 levels of xp I lost 29.
  15. Didn't you say it was 24? :confused:
  16. I have use over 50 xp to repair some items, it seems the more enchants you have on the item the more xp is required to repair it. ignore the too expensive part, If you can't remove the item you need more xp.
  17. Repairing an item still costs roughly what it says... Just the descrepencies on rename costs are removed.

    so i it says 29 it might be 24 or even 20.

    only if your doing the simple act of renaming should it be static. if your repairing, its not static.
  18. Ok thank you.
  19. Combining enchanted books in one update would be like, *boom*.
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