EMC and 1.11 Suffocation

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  1. In 1.11, a new feature was added called entity cramming. What this does is that when a certain number of entities are in a 1x1 hole (default number is 25 mobs), all mobs in that hole will take 3 points of suffocation damage per second until one of them dies. This could potentially be abused to make player traps, kill special mobs on someone's res, etc. Is EMC going to leave this enabled?
  2. Note: obviously I can't speak for EMC. Figured I'd best mention that because I notice sometimes players get confused with the contrib. thingie.

    Personally I don't see why not, though I can definitely see the issues with some farms which might use this mechanic to group mobs.

    First: player traps are not allowed and will be dealt with, with severe consequences I hope. But here's the thing (not going into details): it is already possible to abuse the anti griefing update features to build something like this. So I don't see the difference here.

    Killing mobs on someone's residence... how? If you don't have build access you can't make a nice 1x1 hole to drop mobs into. I can see how this could become an issue if mobs are freely walking around a residence and the residence itself also has such holes in them, but even then it would be tricky.

    Still, I could easily see EMC changing these settings between Waste/Frontier and Town. I could imagine having no limitations in town (we already have a max.entity count per residence) and leaving these restrictions enabled for the wilderness and waste.

    I don't see a big problem here...

    Note: I do understand that this could have consequences for certain farms and such. Not denying that. But since this is a vanilla feature I think it should be applied. Same with brewing: those new changes are not good for brewing machines, but it is the way the game works now. We need to adapt.
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  3. Self grinding cow farms... Lol
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  4. We'll be discussing this in length to determine what degree we need to adjust things. We do have the ability to control mob drops based on how an animal dies.
  5. If a mob doesnt get player damage, it will not drop drops nor xp, so... is waste of animal/mob lives.

    I think it should be left at 0 (so that the gamerule is off), so that it will be the same as now...
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  7. A lot of people use farms that something like this will hurt. Many people who don't venture into the wild/waste use public utilities to get XP or drops that they otherwise wouldn't get. If it hasn't hurt the game up to now, I see no reason to change it.
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  8. Oh no, I hope my random 100 chicken egg making box won't kill my chickens. I like how they all just cluck and make eggs for EMC.
  9. Animals are still protected by res flags I'd assume, so if it's in town it's not a worry :)
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  10. No, they drop drops, just no XP.
  11. I also feel that since we have such restraints on farms already, farmers should be left alone if the developers aren't going to do something positive for us. Edit:This is a sandbox game right? Then why are they trying to control what we build? It's not like we're building duplicators, we're just controlling how and where mobs spawn, and where they end up for our benefit. It's not sandbox if they restrict you building something that isn't a bug.
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