Edoras: outpost of the horse lords

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  1. Hey all,
    Since the horse update was upcoming I had this project in my mind.
    I want to build Edoras (a city from the trilogy "Lord of the rings") on a true scale and as precise as possible.This is of course a huge project and I'll need help from various experienced builders and frontier survivors.
    Here some pics to get the idea:




    This will take really quite some time. If you are interested to join me, please realise this is a long-term build and we need to get many resources from the wild itself.

    I'm looking for:
    - terraformers
    - good builders basing on pictures for a general style
    - redstone wizards
    - people who want to live here and contribute to the city
    - resources

    I found a map of the city we can use for the general idea:

    Also, builders and contributors will get a full in-style mansion within the city walls.

    My other ongoing projects:

    My little Erebor

    Barad-Dür on 1/7th scale

    In case you'd like to help or join let me know:
    - references to other projects
    - capabilities
    - interested in what type of job
    - in which server should it be?
  2. - references to other projects: Both of your other projects :p
    - capabilities: I can easily get resources and am a good mob fighter.
    - interested in what type of job: resources
    - in which server should it be? I'd say SMP8 since there are outposts on every other server. Not SMP2 because thats where your res and erebor are, and mine too, which is why I couldn't work on it as much.
  3. Well, I'll help, ever since I saw L.O.T.R I've fallen in love with there buildings. I'd love to help anyway.
  4. according to the map, i estimate that the overall length of this city is 800 blocks and the width 450 blocks
    the golden hall (or meduseld) something like 55 blocks long and 32 blocks wide.

    but first of all, I'll need a massive hill in a grasslands biome that has roughly the same dimensions as the city itself
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  5. *insert watch sjin's Let's Build "Dale/Erebor" series on youtube here*
  6. I swear, Lord of the Rings is my all time favorite trilogy! This is awesome, and Rohan has always been one of my favorite parts!
  7. Going to be hard to find a Biome that big... They're not easily found, that don't have any structure, though, I have a place, no idea what's the size though, I'd take you too it.
  8. Is this going to be on EMC or off server?
  9. this is preferably on EMC and i have been looking for quite some time on the live maps, it is indeed difficult to find such a big grasslands biome. If only the biomes where so big as the snowy ones
  10. If we are with enough, we can also use jungle biomes and swamps to combine them with grasslands to make a very big grasslands biome. only bad thing about this are the different colours of the grass and water
  11. the color should not be an issue all that much im willing to help with landscaping if needed
  12. well i think we can start with us 4 now, im in search for the biggest grasslands biome there is with mountains closeby and preferably few waterways.
  13. Colon, I'm on a business trip... I'll not be around.. For while.
  14. well, wwii1992 showed me a good place on smp2, but it might be too close to the nearest outpost.
    as said before, we first will need to do terraforming so anyone willing to help is always welcome.
    me and wwii will start on the basics
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