Barad - Dur (1/7th scale)

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  1. Well, me and apothecy have been working a very long time on our project "Erebor" in the wild.
    Here a link to that thread:
    As a break from that (because we worked and lived there practically since christmas) I started to work on a res for myself because I deleted the previous one.

    Me and apot have just started this yesterday, we intend to make a 1/7th scale model from Barad-Dur from Lord of the rings (or the tower of Sauron for those who are not that geeky). Barad-dur_Dark_Tower_Sauron_I.jpg

    It will be entirely made from netherbrick, mycelium, cooked stone and obsidian. On top will come the fiery eye of Sauron on which I'm still working in creative.

    Here some picks of the result from the first day work



    All help and assistance is welcome, I hope this will become a great build.
    This is being build on smp-2, residence 3858
  2. Good idea! Hope it workds out! :)
  3. Wait, Barad-Dur?

    You should make the eye so beautiful you could not look at it.

    And, this is an amazing idea.
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  4. 1 more like for you!
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  5. here a test of the peak in creative, you also see roughly how big it will be and the contours of the mountain where it leans on on the third pick.



    I find the eye extremely difficult to make nice, I'm thinking of not implying it and instead make an observation deck
  6. That looks totally amazing! :D
  7. Nuuuu
  8. if you want to make the eye set up a shape tht is hollow, then fill it with lava, and type /res pset lava flow false, and the lava wont flow down
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  9. thanks very much, i just heard of such a command and i was about to look it up.

    here some pics from my res:

    i made the peak as a reference first, it's now my spawn area


    notice the peaky structure of the fortress, the green part on the back will be mostly a big mountain and in the canyon will come a flow of lava
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  10. does it also work for me, i tried but i can't
  11. It works... Type it, then place the lava,
  12. i tried multiple times, i really doesn't work
  13. it was something like /res set flow false
    first prototype of eye is done
  14. 2013-06-06_21.12.27.png
    We had a lot of fun! :D
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  15. i know you have started already and might want it for minecraft basic, but i would consider using a "spooky" texture pack and a combination of cracked stone, cobble, and smooth stone looking at the pic in op the right texture pack will do it more justice then just dark purple bricks
  16. i want to keep it in the vanilla look because most people who visit it will have that texture pack.
    i'm trying to finish as much as possible for the competition due the 14th, the judges also have vanilla
  17. Wow this spectacular build is really coming along! Can't wait for it's grand finale:D
  18. ahh okay, well good luck then
  19. The correct flags for flow control are:
    - /res set flow true/false (controls both water and lava)
    - /res set lavaflow true/false (controls lava only)
    - /res set waterflow true/false (controls water only)

    Once you set the flag to false, any flow will remain stationary from then on. You can even set the flag back to true and the flow will remain stationary until you force it to change by placing a block directly next to it.
    If you check out 8005 on smp4 you will see it in action, hope it helps. :)
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  20. Why do I sense a Lord of the Rings fan xD