Economy Chat / Supporter Changes - 8/4/14

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  1. Hey everyone!

    In our transition to be EULA compliant, we are focusing on the "Adding" side of things before we touch the "Removing" of abilities. Adding a new perk for supporters and giving a supporter perk to all players.

    So we have some good updates here today, including the addition of the discussed "Economy Chat"!
    • Added a new /chat E - This channel is for discussing all things economy, including shops, pricing, stock check etc. Please put all market related chat in this channel!
      -- Only accessible in Town worlds like Town Chat (for free members)
    • Town Chat is now globally accessible to Supporters, as staff has always had! Chat with free players in Town while you are in the wild, opening up more people to talk to, and awareness of events going on in Town! Use /chat hide T to hide town chat while in the wild.
    • While this is being removed as a supporter "exclusive", we felt it was a good time to bring the "Set Bed Anytime/Anywhere" ability to free players too!

      You may now set your bed during the day time and in the Nether/End as a free player, as supporters have been able to.
    • Fixed a long standing CraftBukkit bug with the order chunks are sent to the client. The world should seem to load faster now.
    • And for a bit of "Quality Improvements": After paying for a Vault use, you may now use the vault free for 5 minutes after that! Repeatedly checking your vault or transferring items to another server will no longer charge you every single open.

      You will only pay a max of 10r per 5 minutes.
    • Tweaked Risk Gauge settings for monsters "resisting" attack. If you want to use "Kill Chambers", simply set your difficulty to 1 and you will be immune to the Risk Gauge checks.
    • Fixed bug in time format saying "some time, moments ago"
  2. Economy chat, how great. Let me quote someone from EMC, not sure who: WHO WANTS TO BUY PONNNIEZ FOR 1R!!111!!!!!? It will keep the town chat clear from all that. I have a question, are we able to turn off economy without shutting down all our chat?
  3. h

    EDIT: cool
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  4. I think that E chat is well needed.
  5. Awesome, thanks aikar!!
  6. Sweet sounds good ^_^
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  7. Partay!!! I'm happy to hear about the set spawn for free players.
  8. Leaving channels came out just a bit ago (/c hide e), so yeah. The PONNNIEZ hyperbole is from Olaf_C :p
  9. /chat hide [any channel]
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  10. Sounds Like a plan!

    EDIT: this would go well with the 'shop 2.0' update suggested a couple of years back
  11. /chat who is bugged for some (R/G), and will be fixed on the nightly reboot for each server (the update is scheduled, not going to force reboot)
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  12. Olaf said that but for 1mil xD

    ps: yas i do wanna buy a ponnie for 1r plaz mail it to me tanks
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  13. How do u unhide chats =P
  14. umm '/chat show ..' (shooting blindly hehe)
  15. thx :D
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  16. YAY!! Free stuff, who doesn't love free stuff?