Eclipsion Palace Tower Hotel Donation Request!

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  1. Hey peeps!

    I'm currently building a too big to be true Hotel complex @Utopia 5003. The only thing is, i'm realllly low on Resources. Anyone here that might want to spare some resources and donate them to me :D?

    The project will be a Hotel building, with pool/library/minimall and lots of other things!

    Im able to build this with the great and greatly appreciated opportunity that MR2 gave me :D
    **(EDIT: The res is MR2R2M_2's res, (Yes MR2R2Ms 2nd acc)**
    Here's a impression of how big it is, and what its gonna look like from the Live map :D
    javaw 2012-01-10 21-09-02-25.jpg
    javaw 2012-02-17 12-54-41-91.jpg
    javaw 2012-02-17 12-51-55-27.jpg
    The Hotel is FINISHED!!! (Only a few rooms that have to be furnished left!!!)

    Everyone that wants to have a room, check the prices, and leave a message!

    Room Request Form:
    Minecraft Name:
    Desired Room:
    Period (in weeks)
    Further specifications:

    **NOTE: Penthouse+, Penthouse and Luxuy+ are OCCUPIED for the first week!**

    The rooms are:
    2x Penthouse+ (weekly rent, 2250r)
    4x Penthouse (weekly rent, 1750r)
    8x Luxury + (weekly rent, 1250r)
    14x Luxury (weekly rent, 750r)

    **NOTE: Any room payments have to be made to MR2R2M_2!**

    Please leave a post if you're willing to donate :D
    Needed Resources:
    - Sand
    - Sandstone
    - Logs/Wooden Planks

    (The last resources for the rooms :D)

    Donations already made by:
    - Importerer
    - roja22
    - nnnnmc1
    - tjboy11
    - Chaaralis
    - tjboy11
    - will_iamd
    - RaNiSiMa
    - Makrom1
    - GameKribJim
    - Gibbss
    - jaari
    - FaustLauncher
    - showoff212

    **EDIT** We've got all the resources we needed! Thx to all donaters! I will post who gets which room for one week for free as soon as I and MR2R2M have decided who gets which one :D

    **EDIT** This list is growing SO FAST! Thx alot guys!

    Greatly appreciated!
    ~Ecli :D
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  2. want a large amount of glass panes or glass? :D
  3. Glass blocks, since i will be going up like a piramide, and i need windows on the sides :D Panes wont work for my constuction
  4. Eclipse, may give you a some stacks of cobble. Or you just want to use my cobble gen to get all you need?
  5. And wait, why nmwould you need a hot on UTOPIA? All supporters who have acces to it get a lot there.......
  6. Only gold and above can get a plot on utopia :)

    I am very grateful to be able to be in a position where I can have two supporter accounts :)

    I have been on the hunt for someone (non supporter) who I can give my second utopia plot to for a while now, I discovered Ecly when I saw his massive Gentlemans Club. I was very taken aback by how much time he put into his project.. that is why I am providing him with the opportunity to build something grand on it, and to go wild with his awesome building ideas :)
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  7. Wait... I could have a room in UTOPIA! Dang, I will have to get a room....
  8. Yup, you can do I think, if that is what Ecly is planning on doing, me and him will have to discuss this though, so stay tuned :)
  9. Show me how you get that image under ur post and i will get u wood and cobble :p
  10. Its ''Upload a File'' button, then select a JPG file (.png gets too big sometimes) and press ''Full Image'' of ''Thumbnail'' for the size (how big you want people to see the file in the forum post). This does NOT work with images in CONVERSATIONS, to put images in conversations u need to upload them to tinypic and copy paste the link it gives you into the image insert link bar thingy =p

    Wood n Cobble much appreciated :D

  11. When im online ill prolly be building my ass off, so i wont need to use the cobble gen, if you could just give the stacks o' cobble it would be great

  12. Well, im first planning on finishing this huge huge huge hotel, and then ill think about renting rooms or something. As MR2 said, stay tuned for more :D
  13. Thz im on at 5:00pm to like 8:30pm central but i will put a sign with a access sign for a chest on it at 1520 for you k. I will keep putting stuff in there k. soulless-l.jpg
  14. SMP 1 2 3 or 4 :D?
  15. i imagine this will look great!
  16. No doubt in my mind :D
  17. defeinetly not!
  18. Smp1 (1520)
  19. javaw 2012-01-12 10-33-44-69.jpg
    **FIRST UPDATE** So this is what it looks like right now :D So, what do you think of it :D?
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  20. Do u have limosine? lol