Ebola Zombies. The end is near

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  1. You can read down below as well as video of the dead coming to life.


    We're all going to die, it's the apocalypse.

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  2. ...Do you actually believe it or are you posting for fun?
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  3. I saw a video of something dead return to life... Seems pretty L337 Yo'
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  4. It's Photoshop, I'm tellin' ya :p
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  5. ABC news published it..
  6. It is actually Real from what i've heard
  7. Mkay...bai now
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  8. This is not a zombie apocalypse. The guy who was wrapped probably just had a poorly taken pulse and was not dead. He probably did not have the energy to move.
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  9. Zombies
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  10. The second image is a photoshop of a zombie lady in world war z.
    Just google "ebola zombies" and look at the hundreds of journals and articles about the story being fake. Did you not see how obvious it was that it was a hoax when you read it?

    Kidsthesedays... :p
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  11. Why post this?
  12. RIP in pepperino. We're as good as dead.
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  13. I think I smell something in the air. No, its not Ebola. Its BS. If the governor of Kansas declared a state of emergency it would be all over national television. Which it is not. ABC isn't talking about zombies they are talking about a guy they thought was dead from Ebola but then a day later moves his arm. Were talking about a place like Liberia where the medical training isn't the highest. They could have thought he was dead because of a weak pulse and no movement. He just moved his arm too its not like he got up and started to try and kill people like those pictures show. The source isn't credible either looking through some of there other stories. Most likely this is a website nobody visits and they want some popularity by writing totally false information to get popular.;)
  14. Please, i don't want nightmares anymore
  15. I'm pretty sick of hearing about Ebola already. I mean, sure it's a big issue right now, but there was an outbreak 10 years ago and pretty much everyone survived. So, why wouldn't they survive today? The medical technology is much, much better now than it was during the previous outbreak, and it seems pretty contained right now. People are getting too pessimistic and aren't even thinking of the good side to it (How ever hard it may be), and they're getting nervous to the point of not even leaving their houses.
    I've heard the word Ebola at least once every day for the past 15 days, but not once have I gotten concerned. Even before the outbreak happened, my science teacher and I would talk about the disease, but neither of us were very concerned about it, as we were just interested in it.
    Anyway, the ways it spreads make it incredibly hard to catch, and there's a very low chance of actually getting infected with it. I just think people are worrying too much.
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  16. I totally agree that people shouldn't worry about an apocalypse. However, the outbreak 20 something years ago was not as bad. However, I'm sure today's modern advancements in medical research are able to contain this virus.
  17. Lance is ready, are you?
  18. Let me grab my K-98, my Glock C-17, and my Bowie Knifes, and some picadillo for this undead party.