Earn a Quick 50r and Help Collect Some Data! Empire Shopping Habits Survey

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  1. http://goo.gl/forms/8fydCq9K9G
    In case you missed it, the link is up there ↑

    It just a little survey to help gather some data on you, the EMC consumer.

    Reasons why you should take my survey:
    1. You get 50r.
    2. It only takes a few minutes.
    3. You help me, Trapper777, out.
    4. All data (anonymized, of course) 'cept the two (three, added another) mail-related questions will be released publicly.
    5. I'll make cool graphs and charts and stuff with the data and release those too.
    6. I don't have another reason to put here but I want the list to be seven long.
    7. I just gave you a GIF of some kittens: https://i.imgur.com/CqTI6YW.gifv

    I bet those kittens would want you to take my survey.

    Survey Closed. Will start payment today, PM me if you put your name on the survey & didn't get it by Monday. Data coming soon, will post in General Discussion.

    Edit: Payouts should be finished.
  2. I have submitted a response. I hope it helps! :)
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  3. I also submitted a response. I love tacos, but I'm scared of cats and dogs so I had to say I hate tacos because I hate kittens even more.
  4. Submitted :)
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  5. Done, not too worried 'bout the rupees, hope it helps!
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  6. Submitted
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  7. DONE! hope it helps :)
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  8. Did it for the kitties
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  9. Did it!
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  10. Done. Interesting survey.
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  11. I knew it would work on someone!
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  12. More kitten to promote survey taking:
  13. Done, but my shopping trips vary much, so I tried my best to give a good average :)
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  14. Done, no reward please. If the last few questions were your concept, that is extremely intriguing and I'd love it if you followed through with this :)
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  15. For da kitties.
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  16. Bump and Vampire Cat:

  17. Done, and not too bothered about the rupees. :)
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