Earn 200 rupees! Suggestions needed with obsidan!

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  1. Hey guys, ive got heaps of obsidian, and collecting more. I just love collecting it, an addiction if you must. But ive drawn the realisation of "What do I need it for!?". For the past week ive been contemplating what to do with it. Now that I cant think of what to do with it, I have now come to the lovely EMC community. I need to know what to do with my obsidian. Whether it be making a build (What kind), or making a statue or heaps of something or rather (Note I do NOT want to sell it). So I will take the suggestions of you guys from now to the 24 hr mark of when this is released, is there is a super idea from the beggining I will say that the prize money is over, but still leave your suggestion down below for me in the future, and if its an even better idea you will not go empty handed.
    Thanks so much guys!
  2. Ok so
    1. you don't dont know what to do with it.
    2. You don't want to sell it.

    Hmmmm I know give it away :p failing that build something that is worthy off all that hard work mining it.
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  3. hahaha I know lol, question is what? xD ill soon get an idea, or you guys will xD
  4. 1. Give it all to me.
    2. Set up a nonprofit organisation which supplies obsidian to people living in the wild to create griefproof housing.
    3. Give it away.
    4. Use it to build a shop selling goods related to fire, lava, diamond stuff, and mob drops. Bonus points for aesthetic appeal.
    5. Create a community dedicated to colonising the ungriefed wild (the radius around spawn which is a distance away too far for any griefers to travel) through underground quarrying, building infrastructure between wild communities like roads, lighting up as big of an area as possible, filling the area with a grid of survival stations which have renewable sources of food and wood and crafting stations, mounting rescue operations, and sending out merchants throughout the wild.

    I had an idea for a wild base you could build for the community. You find a cave in a hill, and you dig down to halfway between bedrock and the surface. There, you create a room with a single purpose, intended either for public or private use, as small as you can. It may be a crafting table room, a bedroom, a room for yourself, a furnace room, or any other such things. Once you've created your room, you create up to 8 rooms for other single purposes, connected via the innocuous central room via tunnel. There should be a tunnel on each corner of the central room, meaning the 8 rooms form an unconnected cube around the central room. Once the 8 rooms are complete, dig tunnels between the 8 rooms to all adjacent rooms. Block off as many of the tunnels as you can, blocking off the end of each tunnel, not the exit. The eventual result should be that there is only a single route to any room in the complex. You can then create a further 27 tunnels to expand the cube, again around the 8, and then 64, 125, 216, 343, and so on. All made out of obsidian for extra security.
  5. 3670.jpg

    'nuff said.
  6. Build a gold farm and make it public!
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  7. Make an overworld gold farm in the wilderness. That would take up at least 10DCs of the stuff

    Grr, Hash98 beat me. ;)
  8. gold farm?
  9. Recreate residence 606.

    I'll pay you if you do this.
    ...Really sucks that Dark_Liz's derelict protection ran out.
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  10. What do you mean by this? It sounds interesting, and how much would you pay?
  11. This gold farm, I dont know what that is, but imma google it and see, it could be a good idea
  12. In the nether aswell?
  13. Bro, the 24 hour things over..
  14. Yeh I know :/ But i havnt had any dominant ideas yet, there are a few, but not an exact idea. Ill keep it up for a while
  15. Use the obsidian to make a pixel art of an obsidian block xD
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  16. And pab, Imma give you 100r. When i get it xD, just cause that is awesome and ill do it on my res! xD
  17. hahha nice idea, but thats to simple xD
  18. Too simple? Bro, I'll make it a challenge, make it 3d, and it CAN'T be hollow, beat that!