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  1. So as many gamers know, E3 (Entertainment Electronic Expo) is next week. We all know what that means; new games and gadgets are being revealed.

    As a gamer myself, there are a few titles I am excited about, but this year, the focus for me goes to Nintendo. Nintendo has released that the much anticipated Legend of Zelda game will have a playable demo at the expo, and will also have a panel of devs and representatives of Nintendo of Japan and America.

    Recently, Nintendo dropped two pieces of official promotion art for the game.

    As I'm sure many people have noticed, Link is different here. For one, he isn't wearing his traditional green tunic, and he seems to be right handed, which is odd, as Link has always been a lefty (Except for Twilight Princess Wii and Skyward Sword [not including Twilight Princess HD Hero Mode and Ocarina of Time Master Quest, as they are just continuations]).

    What do you want to see at E3 next week? There is a line up on E3's official site, as well as a Nintendo-only lineup on the Nintendo branch of the site!

    Let me know what you want to see at the convention, and for the Zelda fans who play EMC like me, what do you want to see in the upcoming Wii U and NX Zelda game?
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  2. I just want the Sun and Moon info, heck I'll be fine if all we get is Wireframe regional bird reveal
  3. Battlefield 1.
    WatchDogs 2.
    Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
    Bethesda's entire conference where we'll hopefully see Skyrim Remastered, new Fallout 4 DLCs, Wolfenstein 2, some Doom stuff, and Dishonored 2. Maybe an Elder Scrolls VI (pretty please, Bethesda?).
    Maybe Assassin's Creed Empire getting a first look before it's released next year?
    No Man's Sky if they do anything before its release.
    Probably some other stuff I can't remember. I've lost faith in most publishers over the last year or two though and Bethesda is the only one who continuously pumps out great titles, so I follow them and not much else. I have a place for Ubisoft in my heart though, just because I like the stuff they produced until about 2014. WatchDogs 2 and AC: Empire look like an improvement upon that period of time, so we'll see...

    And also, I'm just waiting for Battlefield 1 because I want to see if it's anything like the recent Star Wars Battlefront, which is a complete and utter disappointment. Both have great settings and the same great FPS developer behind them, but Battlefront was a quick money-grab timed to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens (and Battlefield 1 is timed to coincide with near the time of 100th anniversary of the US entering WWI). Battlefield 1 has an amazing and badass setting (World War 1, shit got crazy in that war, like, pilots shooting at eachother with revolvers and soldiers wearing badass armour on the battlefield and the first deployments of the tank by British and German forces.), I just want to see if DICE mess it up like they did with Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2. If they don't, I'll be happy: I hate FPS games set in the future and to some extent, those set in the present. I like my PS2 era games set in the D-Day landings and such.
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  4. I would like to hear something about a so called "real" Metroid game; most fans do not accept Federation Force. We want a proper home console title.

    I very much respect the Metroid series: especially the SNES classic Super Metroid and Retro Studios's Prime Trilogy. All four are fantastic and inspirational to future developers. Nintendo and Retro Studios have shown their capabilities. The Wii U's HD graphics and controller have a lot of untouched potential for the series.
    Unfortunately, nothing has been said that a Metroid Wii U/NX is coming...

    unless there's a surprise this month.


    Compared to Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon, Metroid has not had an official anniversary celebration. Nintendo has always prioritized Zelda to celebrate over the anniversary conflicts, 30th on both sides. I don't think you should always judge by the sales though. And while both franchises do you have their great hits, I'd say at least give the other a chance in the spotlight.

    There's still hope.
    Fans of Metroid believe that Retro Studios has been working on a new title, even before the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in 2014 (Retro also developed newer DK Country games).
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  5. Day #1 and stuff that interests me:

    There was also Mass Effect Andromeda, but the trailer is basically just showing off concept art and the modelling that went into the game. Not much new to show beyond what's already expected and known.

    Battlefield 1 is the CoD killer (aka the second blight of gaming), Titanfall 2 is the nail in the coffin. I have high hopes for that terrible twosome lol

    There's also Fe. It's part of the 'EA Originals' program - where they seek out a small studio making a small game, give them money, advertise it, and publish it. They did something similar with Unravel last year - which was an amazing little game - and they seem to have taken a lesson from Ubisoft when they do things like Grow Home and Rayman. This game looks like Unravel had a baby with Grow Home and it was purple. It looks cool.
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  8. The new xbox... Holy cow! I love it already!
  9. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo will not do a digital event this year... that's a shame.
    Zelda will be cool, but if it's the only thing, and we can't see it without being there... I'm quite disappointed. But well, last year's was great, so I can't complain.
  10. Zelda will not be the only featured franchise. It's been confirmed last week that Pokémon will also be featured. Nintendo is celebrated the anniversaries of both Zelda (30th) and Pokémon (20th) this year.

    You'll be able to listen to developer stories for Pokémon Sun and Moon at E3.
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  11. I am also loving South Park The Fractured But Whole already!~
  12. I am mostly excited to see what Sony has to offer. When choosing between the ps4 and xboxone I went with the ps4 because of the number of unique games. Hopefully some of those are coming soon. The decision to get whatever comes next will likely be much harder though since the shorter lifecycles make the investment seem so much worse compared to gaming on PC. Microsoft is already talking about the successor 3 years in. That is half the time the ps3 and xbox360 lasted.
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  13. Rockstar is announcing something
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  14. That ubisoft panel was bad...
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  15. What?! I loved it... South Park, Tom Clancy Game, Assassin Creed Movie... thats about it for what was good imo.
  16. Expect a downgrade, and when are movie games good?
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  17. Did you see the scenes they featured? It looks like an amazing adaptation of the game, I know many game movies are not good but we also have Warcraft coming out which looks amazing as well. I think we are going to start getting good game movies.
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  19. Hadn't noticed :p.

    And the critic scores seem to always be bad for decent/good movies, audience score however is more appropriate for any movie imo. Currently has 83% audience score.
  20. It has Michael Fassbender. Automatically makes it great.