Dwight's 800th day AMA

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    So I turn 800 days on Emc today or tomorrow I don't know but close enough :p. Anyways I have notice something I have never done before on Emc and that's a AMA.
    Also " Love & Peace... also donuts"

    Here's to 800 days of Craziness
  2. What's a username of a guy you banned who has the troller skin like me?
  3. Favorite Trigun Character besides Vash?
  4. What is your favorite color? What is your quest? What is the capital of Micronesia?
  5. Eh?


    Red or Black. My quest is endless one. Their capital is Palikir
  6. Why is your beard so awesome?
    Btw its my 700th
  7. Happy 800th ... What was your favourite build to make. :)
  8. Congrats on 800, Dwight! How did you choose the numbers in your name?
  9. I have no idea like most men with beards awsomeness comes with it.
    Happy 700th day

    Prolly The Temple of Time of smp5, The build was done in few hours and during that time became good friends with Origamijoe.

    52 and 73 are my old football numbers when I played it in Linebacker position. Wearing 73 my freshman, and sophomore years of High School and the number 52 i wore my Junior, And Senior year plus a year of college ball.
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  10. who the heck banned me?
  11. Is it bad that I laughed at this? I mean, I know it is a real question, but the wording and this thread just made it sound funny.
  12. Happy 800th Dwight
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  13. Gratz Dwight :D
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  14. Gratz Dwight!

    What was your favorite part of LLO? How many Betsy Mooshrooms did you eventually lose to lightning?

    What was your favorite part of Pazzo?
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  15. If you could fly, would you?

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  16. Congratulations, Dwight! 800 days; man. Have you seen the Trigun: Badlands movie, and if so, what were your thoughts about it? Also, with the exception of good ole' Vash, who would your favorite Trigun character be?
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  17. Congrats dwight, I'm just a month from reaching my 800th day! After looking at all your achievements on EMC, what would you say your biggest one is?
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  18. Happy 800th Dwight!
    What's with your love for netherbrick?
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  19. My favorite part of LLO is hmm tough.. I would say are rail system we as community designed
    I lost 6 Besty's to Lighting

    Pazzo, I would say the whole thing :D but are neighborhood we made was awesome had fun doing it.

    Yes I would fly but I wonder how many times I would get vertigo everytime I looked down.

    Yes I have seen it and I wanted more trigun as movies or a new series. I would say Milly or wolfwood.. Tough choice. Extra info I always whistle that song Rems sings... Catchy tone.

    My biggest achievement eh... The iron pyramid jk Meeting new people and making new friends is my biggest achivement on Emc.

    I have no idea I just like the texture of it mostly.
  20. Congratulations :D
    You said you played college ball, in that case, what college did you play for?