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Have you used Duolingo? (select two responses!)

A - I have not used Duolingo at all 4 vote(s) 30.8%
A - I have used Duolingo a bit or a moderate amount 5 vote(s) 38.5%
A - I have used Duolingo a lot 3 vote(s) 23.1%
B - I do not currently have a streak on Duolingo 7 vote(s) 53.8%
B - I do currently have a streak on Duolingo 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    So many of our players being eager to learn, I expect that a good few of you have used Duolingo! It's a free tool of which the assumed purpose seems to vary between a language learning tool, a demonstration of A/B testing and a social experiment. :p I know there are a lot of discussion threads about Duolingo on Duolingo itself, but they often get lost and don't get anywhere. I wonder what people here might think about Duolingo. ;)
    This thread can be about anything, as long as it has to do with Duolingo. :) Also feel free to share your usernames, so we can follow each other! Mine is varkentje123, for some reason. I have my YouTube logo set as my profile picture, I might once change it to Piwi.
  2. I followed you
    this is currently my account
    marvel at my near two year streak :D
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  3. That is a long time! I see you did a whole lot of Spanish. What kept you going for so long? :)
  4. Have you used Duolingo? (select two responses!)

    - I have never heard of it (until just now), so no, I have not.
  5. Vote in the poll!
    It already got messed up anyway: out of 6 people who answered the poll, two did not succeed in picking two answers. <.< I hadn't expected any different, to be honest, it's hard to follow instructions if you're not prepared for it. :p

    I am doing Japanese on Duolingo again, which got updated since the last time I did it. It's got a whole, whole lot more Kanji now, and I realised that Duolingo reading out the sentence gives away their meaning. I quickly got tired of taking my earbuds in and out, so I now simply have Windows muted as long as I don't have a listening exercise. But now I don't hear the pleasant 'ding' sound either. :p

    :O Wooow, I just went into the settings to see if I could turn it off—you can, that's great! What makes it even better is that you can still hear the pronunciation by clicking the button for it. However, the reason I am so surprised is that I found out you can turn off the motivational messages! :o That's great!! ^.^ I was not expecting Duolingo to listen to the userbase on that matter. :p Unless they A/B tested that too? :rolleyes:
  6. The only reason I have the streak that I do is because I set an alarm every night at 9:00 to do it. That's my only motivator. If I don't have something to remind me then I will forget to do it
    thanks ADHD/Autism! you're a pain in the bum! :D
  7. Wait, if your only motivation is setting an alarm, why don't you stop setting the alarm? :p
  8. I celebrated too early. <.< When you turn off the speaker, for some reason sound effects disappear too. :confused: That must be a bug, as there's a separate switch for sound effects. Also, it seems like audio exercises don't appear anymore?? I might be wrong on that, but knowing Duolingo, it might as well be right. I guess I'll just be back to muting and unmuting my Windows... -_-
  9. because otherwise I wouldn't be doing Duolingo
    it helps if i have something scheduled to yell at me about it
  10. So you don't have any intrinsic motivation for doing it?
    My motivations are wanting a regular activity that challenges my brain while I don't have to study (during the summer), and that I would like to be able to read Japanese (and Danish, which I did lessons in for a bit under 30 days before summer started).
  11. No I do want to do it and learn spanish! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it at all
    What I'm trying to say is that if I don't have a constant, in-my-face reminder to do it then I will completely forget to do it all-together
  12. Ah, good to hear! I guess you misunderstood me, then. ... which is not a rare occurrence. ;) (in general I mean, not you specifically)
    Then to clarify my question: why have you used Duolingo for learning Spanish for so long? This expands into two questions, firstly: why would you like to learn Spanish?, and secondly: how does using Duolingo still expand your grasp of Spanish when you've already used it so long?
  13. Because Spanish is the second most spoken language in this country, and I think I understand it more than I do other languages like italian because I grew up hearing it be spoken around me (My babysitter was from Mexico)
    And I use Duolingo because it's free, and I don't really have anyone to practice spanish with irl so I'm kinda just trying my best on my own.
    I do have friends who are fluent but I'm too shy to ask them for help so...
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  14. so uhhhh
    ya boi just hit their two year streak on duolingo today!!
    731 days! (including leap day)
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  15. I used it at one time way back in Spanish I class.... haven’t touched it since.... hopefully the birb doesn’t hunt me down o_o
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  16. Congrats!
    I got this yesterday. :D
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  17. dope! Keep it up! let us know when you hit 607 days :D
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  18. I won't, because I only use Duolingo during the summer. ;)
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  19. Okay that's really stupid, if you have a skill gold it degrades after a while, and you can restore it by doing practice, either normal practice or timed practice. However, if you choose timed practice it does not seem to matter how well you do. I'll guess I'll test it, now that I'm writing this anyway. :p I can do normal practice next time I'll get these skills depleted a little. Ah, no, phew! I got 0 answers correct now, and it stayed back. :) But on a previous skill I only got 5 questions right, and that was still enough to get the skill gold again. :confused:
    Edit: Huh, you don't get xp for normal practice. :eek: Or, at least, I don't...
  20. Where did the weekly and monthly leaderboards for you and the people you're following go?!?