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  2. I don't play but I've played a few matches of D&D before :p
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  3. I made up my own a while back and played with friends. It was a blast!
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  4. My fiance and I play our own version of D&D with our family/friends we were gonna start streaming our games online if we got enough people to play regularly its really fun! Much simpler than the original D&D but still very awesome :p You can play with us over skype one day if you'd like :p We play all types of different genres.
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  5. Oh, yes. I've been playing this, a lot. I was introduced by it at school; some friends used to play it and I was quickly hooked. The first book was actually a photocopied one from a friend ;) But I made up for that "stealing" :) However, we never did tabletop play but story based play. So no figurines or anything, just your sheet of stats, the dice and that's it. Speaking of which... yups: the jar with my golden dice still sits on my desk. I had 2 sets, I think the other one is in a movement box somewhere (one which was never unpacked).

    I've played D&D quite heavily. Got the basic and a master set, but eventually I picked up the D&D Rules Cyclopedia and IMO that is an absolute must have. It contains all the rules from all sets (basic, expert, master) and really allows you to grow in your games without the need to purchase more. It was quite an investment when I bought it (years ago, around the 90's or such) but so much worth it... Anyway, my schoolmates and me played quite a few sessions and it was awesome.

    Later I got more interested in AD&D, Dragonlance in particular, but that was more based on the stories than the game. Although I don't care so much for the later generations I loved the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends series.

    I always liked D&D more than AD&D because it seemed more honest to me. To me AD&D is too commercial; new rules and expansions got released quite frequently which made it really hard to complete a collection whereas with D&D all I had to do was buy 1 book. Sort off... It also helps to buy some premade sets and game modules so that you got a good feel for the game, it also helps you start a game with friends more easily.

    But after you did that then the real challenge can begin: creating & hosting a game of your own. That is what I really enjoyed most. Back in the days my friends and me ended up making a fantasy setting (a land / continent) and we'd all own a section of the land where we'd host our own adventures. This was the coolest: we'd even go so far to try and "connect" our adventures. SO.... Say during my adventure we headed to an old castle to explore, did some adventuring, and then heard of a princess who got kidnapped (very cliché example, I know). So the party decided to head to the nearest town to learn more about that rumor. However, the closest town was in the area owned by my friend, so from there on (the next session) he would take over and we'd all play his in his area with his adventure / story. And so on...

    The best part about D&D is that you get to use your imagination and fantasy. It's what I also love about reading & writing stories: when I describe something then we both can have a totally different impression of the scenery even though we're in the same story / setting. Take that castle up there for example...

    So yeah :)
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  6. That sounds amazing!
  7. Moose plays Pathfinder, which is a modification of D&D as far as I can tell. He thinks it's better.