Due to recent events in the wild, I would like to say something.

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  1. The wild isn't your's, its not mine, its not even the mod's and admin's. Its ours. With the events that have happened recently, it seems that has begun to change. The focus of the wild was to go out and gather resources and hang out with friends, and have fun doing it. Now, it seems the focus of the wild has become greed and taking control over others. Less people come to the wild now because they want to have fun with the freedoms town doesn't have, and more because lots of people live out here, in little villages, who seem easy to take advantaged. Flames wars over stuff that really shouldn't have been a problem have started to rise. With the constant chaos in the NR, these problems have come to my attention. I ask you, the people of the wild, to look back on what we were, and remember what we were. and try to make that our reality, once again. Thank you.
  2. So go out there, make a camp, and run it how you want it run, not how someone else does. The Wild is ours, don't let someone else make it only theirs.
  3. And if you want to join a big wild community, the LLO is here. And so is the Crossroads Union and the Sunstreak Islands! :D
  4. and creeper island on smp6 and winterfell on smp1
  5. And that includes cutting trees down half way, then not re-planting new ones!!!
  6. Hey's, that was only around the reset area. :p
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  7. As the sun sets on an old empire, a new one is born.
  8. I think we should all look at the LLO. They have always remained in a state of freedom. They don't have a government, they don't even have a real leader, and because of it, its member's have always been able to do what they want, and not what a government says they can do. The LLO seems to be one of the last standing active outposts of that era.
  9. Yeah, that''s why I love it :)
    Wintermoon Island is just like that, with less people, but I like it the way it is, everyone is always welcome to build without any restrictions (of course, you are not welcome if you came to destroy) :D
  10. Exactly. And there is no, I repeat no fighting about LLO taking over wintermoon or anything like that. Because it does not happen. We connect. With epic builds. Literally building bridges. :)
    The wild is vast and has room for almost anything.
  11. The CU, Wild Reach, and the LLO have decided to work together to restore the wild to its former glory! :)
  12. Yay. No rules!*

    *Some rules apply:
    EMC rules
    Common sense

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  14. The CU and the LLO are planing ideas on how we could bring wild outposts together. Not like combine them into one, but connect them through sharing various ideas, among other things.
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  15. (aka rebirth of XYZ) :p
    I think that this would be beneficial to a lot of people, and the wild in general.
  16. By no means is the New Republic attempting to make the wild a warzone, powered by greed and the lust for control. We're merely attempting a political experiment, much like the LLO's experiment with anarchism. I understand the NR can be a bit chaotic at times, but that's only because of certain distractions, the fact we're relatively new and still developing, and conflicts between individuals who find it difficult to mediate themselves and put their own political objectives above important means of communication with a complete disregard for the rest of the NR community.
  17. We all must have respect for the wild! :D
  18. I'm going to tell you something. The all of the drama in the NR, wasn't just from you know who. If you would have taken a stand, it wouldn't have happened. Stop raging at my two friends, and take a blame for something you did nothing to stop.

    Yes we do. :)
  19. Their concerns were addressed, I acknowledged that while the government may be over-powered, it would be responsible until the election of the Grand Democratic Assembly. It is irrelevant what their views are, they got the thread closed. Nobody has the right to make their views so important that a 100-person strong community loses their primary mode of communication.
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